Technology and design go hand in hand in Sacha Lakic’s work for the collaboration between HKT Premier and Roche Bobois

Sacha Lakic is a designer whose career has moved effortlessly among various disciplines— automotive and furniture design, as well as architecture, fashion and photography. Through it all, there’s one attribute that’s remained consistent—his love for speed.

“I feel that a product in motion is a product that is alive. The idea of movement is always present in my work: it is my way to give a soul to an object, and has become the signature of my designs,” says Lakic, who is representing French furniture retailer Roche Bobois, in the brand’s collaboration with HKT Premier.

Lakic shared his insights on the future of design and home automation at the “iot in Style 2” showcase, held at HKT’s “io.t by HKT” concept store at Elements for its “Internet of Things” service. The showcase, one of many collaborations between HKT Premier and Roche Bobois that mixes technology with French flair, demonstrates household intelligence in action. Visitors will get to see for themselves how a home’s lighting system, AV equipment and appliances can be controlled via touchpad or voice command. 

Belgrade-born Lakic, whose iconic Bubble sofa which he produced for Roche Bobois in 2014 won gold at the 2015 Design Awards of Design Luxembourg, credits his instinctive fascination with flow and motion to his fashion designer father. But it was his intrigue with technology and movement that allowed him to diversify his portfolio to such an extraordinary degree.

A firm believer in the creative power of home automation and technology for the interior design industry, Lakic feels that home automation results in a convenient, highly efficient and aesthetically appealing space.

Lakic’s work with Roche Bobois have produced a number of “intelligent” pieces such as the Bubble sofa, the Lift sideboard and the Arum dining chair, all of which evoke the designer’s distinctive sense of fluidity, movement and technology.

“The IoT technology allows for a cleaner interior without cables or wires, allowing you to completely concentrate on the interior design without having to worry about the rest. You can switch between business and leisure at your fingertips,” says Lakic.

On the other side of the coin, Lakic ensures that his designs are always evocatively organic and unique. “Trends become unfashionable very quickly, only to come back one day,” he says. “The objective for a designer is to distinguish oneself by the originality of one’s designs; one has to stand out from the crowd. I always aim to do what no one has ever done before. I push myself to always improve and criticise my own work in order to explore new directions.”

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