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Ahead of Global Wellness Day on June 12, we take a look at the properties and effects of healing crystals for the home, and list several stores in Singapore where you can purchase these gems

In the field of alternative therapy, it is believed crystals contain energy-based healing properties that help promote spiritual healing and are often integrated into meditation practices; they're also beautiful to look at and have been collected by celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, and Kate Hudson.

And in these uncertain times, it's easy to see why their popularity continues to grow as people seek unconventional ways to improve their well being. According to practitioners, crystals are said to work by channeling and interacting with your energy field—also known as chakra—to absorb and direct energies. By emitting positive and calming vibrations, these crystals are thought to be able to uplift your mood to help you achieve a desired state of mind. 

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“Crystals are tangible tools and mediums for us to project our intangible intentions and desires,” says Kheyton Lim, who manages local crystal retailer Tamza House of Crystal and Lifestyle. “We can see crystals as an extension of our being, reflecting the different qualities already inherent within oneself. The power which many tend to associate with the experience of using crystals is not external, but intrinsic.”

According to practitioners, each type of crystal is said to contain specific effects and serves a different purpose. “Every crystal has its own vibrations and frequencies due to their different chemical compositions and molecular structures,” says Belicia Sun, who helms homegrown crystal brand Illa Nocte. “They harness energies central to their environment during growth—think sun, moon, oceans. Crystals are powerful tools to raise our vibrations, uplift our moods with positive energies, and can guide us in our spiritual journey.”

For those who are seeking serenity and peace, Sun recommends lepidolite, amazonite, and blue lace agate. If you’re looking for a crystal on your journey towards achieving a state of zen, you won’t go wrong with black obsidian, malachite or amethyst. 

“By appreciating color psychology and both the physical and metaphysical properties of crystals, we can use them alongside simple exercises to safeguard emotions and provide a peace of mind,” says Lim.

“Our recommendations include selenite, apophyllite, blue kyanite, smoky quartz, and a variety of green crystals such as fluorite and serpentine. Ultimately, it is most ideal to figure out the root cause of our emotional imbalances before proceeding with a suitable selection of crystals. This ensures that we do not merely relieve the symptoms of what is hidden beneath the layers of our lived experiences.”

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After purchasing your ideal crystals, the next question is likely to be the placement of crystals in your home.

“Crystal placements in the home largely depend on the crystals' healing properties and the users' intended purpose,” says Sun. “For example, black tourmaline can be placed at the entrance of the home as it helps to protect the surrounding environment from negative energies. It can also be placed on TV consoles or computer desks.” 

Rave Wong, owner of Crystal Cube, concurs. “Crystal placement brings good energy into the environment which leads us to feeling more relaxed and at-ease when we are in the area. Black tourmaline is best placed at doors and windows, or even next to the bed for a better slumber.” 

Both Sun and Wong recommend that crystals with soothing properties—such as rose quartz—should be placed on bedside tables to help create a calm environment and enhance relationships. “We can also put crystals according to the energy of the year (based on) feng shui (practices),” says Wong.    

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“Ideally, we would want to place the crystals in a cosy space that is accessible to us, so we can conveniently pick one up and have some quiet time with it,” says Lim. If you’d like to be continuously attuned and connected to the energy of healing crystals, go for crystal jewelry. 

Bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories that harness crystals are increasingly popular, in part due to their convenience. “The amount of energy we can receive from wearing or holding crystals is very direct and much stronger,” Wong reveals. “We can easily wear it for more than 12 hours a day, which increases its benefits. Thus, we typically recommend our clients to get a bracelet or pendant.”

Interested in picking up a crystal for yourself? Here, we list several retailers in Singapore where you can find stunning crystals as well as unique crystal-infused products such as candles and rollers.

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1. Tamza House of Crystals and Lifestyle

Established in 2015, Tamza has a vast selection of ornamental crystals and rough minerals. The crystals purveyed by the store mainly hail from South America. Tamza also has plenty of unique selections, ranging from selenite lamps and bowls to rare and handpicked Canadian auralite amethysts.

With a main showroom near the heart of the city, Tamza encourages its clients to head down to the physical store in order to engage and connect with the precious gems. “We sell natural crystals and minerals as they are; we do not have any religious affiliation,” says Kheyton Lim from Tamza. “We see our showroom as a safe space that facilitates conversations between individuals from all walks of life and various beliefs. The themes of our discourse mainly include home and living, aesthetic and appreciation, the understanding of cultural and metaphysical properties, as well as mental wellness.”


2. Illa Nocte

Online retailer Illa Nocte offers a dizzying array of crystals, and jewellery. Each piece is carefully sourced and curated by owner Belicia Sun. Uniquely, the store has a range of noteworthy pieces with a contemporary charm; expect stones in the form of crystal skulls, amethyst cacti, and mini dinosaurs. 

“Being a curious soul, I am on a continuous journey of learning and am deeply connected in helping others unearth their true purpose in this Universe,” says Sun. “Illa Nocte is my brainchild and platform for me to share with people the magic that crystals can bring to our everyday lives.”


3. Crystals Cube

With over a hundred varieties of raw and polished crystals, Crystals Cube is a great one-stop shop for all your crystal needs. Taking its name after the mystical Metatron’s cube, the store is especially great for those foraging into the world of crystal healing and need extra guidance.

Apart from crystals, the brand also creates crystal bracelets that are cleansed and activated before they’re strung together. Services such as energy reading, crystal consultations, and oracle reading are available as well. The retailer also has an online arm, Crystal Tale, where clients can shop from a varied selection of crystals and accessories.


4. JiaJia

Jia Jia offers a range of crystals that are each one-of-a-kind and stunningly beautiful. All the crystals from the label are ethically mined and hand-selected by founder and designer Jia-Jia Zhu. The natural gems are uncut and untreated; each piece goes through a purification process that eliminates any negative energy that it might have collected from the past.

Besides crystals, Jia Jia also has a selection of jewelry that are made from healing crystals in their natural shapes and forms. The modern collection has a mix of both an aesthetic appeal and calming properties that will make for a unique fashion statement. 


5. Nine Wicker Ave.

Nine Wicker Ave. creates wellness products that are created with the intention of healing the mind, body, and soul. Hand-poured in small batches, the soy candles from the store contain crystals embedded within to help dispel negative energy. Combining aromatherapy with the healing energy of the crystals, the soothing candles enhance self-care routines and help amplify positive energies.    


6. Kintsukuroi Studio

This online store draws its name from the Japanese art form of kintsugi, a process where cracked or broken pottery are mended with gold lacquer. With the belief that everyone should learn to embrace their flaws in their journey of healing and understanding self-worth, the studio creates essential oil rollers that are infused with crystals for an amplified healing effect.

Both natural resources work synergistically to enhance each other’s properties. Kintsukuroi Studio offers thoughtfully-paired combinations that serve varying purposes—for example, a black obsidian and blue chalcedony infused essential oil is meant to reduce self-doubt and magnify clarity, while an aquamarine and amazonite infused blend with a sodalite roller ball helps reduce anxiety and soothe the mind.


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