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Dine at home in style and create a stunning tablescape to impress your guests—we pick out sculptural homeware and vases by local and international artists that combine both form and function

Gather your friends and family for intimate meals in the comforts of your home, accompanied with beautiful vessels to elevate the look of your dining room. We pick out functional homeware as well as decorative pieces in sculptural forms that will make elegant additions to your abode.

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1. Small Things by Dawn Ng

Entitled ‘Small Things’, each item from this series of handmade objects by Singaporean artist Dawn Ng are handmade and sculpted by the local artist using a mixture of mulched paper, cotton fibres, glue, acrylic pigments and gypsum. As part of Ng’s ongoing experiments with colour, form and materiality, these objects feature organic forms and raw edges, each featuring a kaleidoscopic colour scheme; a second edition of this collection is slated to launch this July.

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2. Dough and Plough collections by Faye Toogood

British artist and designer Faye Toogood has launched her first tableware collection comprising hand-finished ceramic pieces that include bowls, jugs and mugs as well as hand-woven throws. Taking its name from the act of baking, the Dough tableware and Plough throws combine organic forms with an understated colour palette.

“The inspiration first came whilst I was exploring common items from the kitchen such as the soft volumes of rising dough and hand-shaped leavened pastries,” shares Toogood. A project two years in the making, the earthenware comes in matte cream and charcoal glazes; each piece is also individually hand-finished by artisans in Portugal. 

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3. Cartocci collection by Paola Paronetto

Italian ceramicist Paola Paronetto specialises in making delicate, slender vases crafted with a mix of paper pulp and clay. Her Cartocci collection counts Bosco and Pistilli—which mean forest and flower pistils in Italian respectively—among its latest additions. Featuring tubular, faceted forms, these objects reference their botanical influence with their organic shapes and are designed to be displayed in groups to form expressive compositions inspired by the beauty of nature.

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4. Gellyvieve by Genevieve Ang

Playful and uniquely expressive, this homegrown brand by maker artist Genevieve Ang features unconventional one of a kind pieces. Ang envisages her practice as a form of play; the tableware she crafts each exudes its own character and personality. Most of the stoneware created are glazed in gloss white, while a few varying pieces feature earthy shades.

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5. Grams

With sustainability at its core, local homeware brand Grams creates handmade objects with innovative, environmentally-friendly materials. Whether it’s trays, vessels or decorative dishware, the brand features the prominent use of Jesmonite in its collections. The water-based material is a popular non-toxic component that’s favoured for its versatility and eco-friendliness.

Besides crafting new collections out of Jesmonite, Grams also offers a repair service for chipped dishware. Inspired by the traditional Japanese act of kintsugi, the brand breathes new life into broken or chipped objects with eco resin in varying colours.

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6. Gold & Behold by Winnie Wong

Launched by Singaporean art director Winnie Wong in 2017, the home decor brand started as a creative outlet for Wong to heal from depression. She now uses the brand platform to advocate for mental wellness. Gold & Behold’s handmade pieces are crafted with Jesmonite for its lightweight and sustainable attributes. Whether it’s an organically-created marble tray or a mini-column vase sprinkled with rainbow terrazzo specks, these decorative objects will surely add a dash of fun to your table.

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7. Cocktail Cream Tea by Helle Mardahl

Copenhagen-based designer Helle Mardahl is known for her unique mouth-blown glass objects. Her candy-coloured collection titled Cocktail Cream Tea is a visual delight; it features glossy and chic handmade pieces that marry organic shapes with sweet pastel shades. The glass tableware blends art with functionality, injecting liveliness into any space.  

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