Eco-friendly ways to green your home and lifestyle habits, one easy step at a time.

Our nature-inspired moodboard for the April issue

Organic, sustainably sourced, eco-friendly—these words don’t just describe dishes on a menu, but many other products in the market today. From fashion to furniture, the green revolution touches every aspect of our lives.

This month’s green living issue certainly doesn’t mean to sound sanctimonious; instead, we aim to provide ideas on how to relate—and value—our surroundings. Sometimes, being cooped up in our beautiful interiors, we forget how important our connection to nature truly is.

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Verdant views from a cabin in South Africa; see this and more inspiring homes in this issue

That’s why for the April-May 2017 issue, we’ve chosen homes and spaces that showcase how to restore a deep, essential relationship to the world around us. Plenty of them ingeniously frame a spectacular panorama, while some weave in perfectly imperfect materials such as wood, bamboo, and stone to add organic character into their spaces.

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Greening our daily life is like trying to eat healthy—plenty of options abound, but temptation beckons and we often fall back on tired old habits. That’s why we’ve compiled a 12-page special report featuring the products, places and projects that can inspire you to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Janus et Cie Fibonacci lounge seat (seen above) and more chic finds in our green living report

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Elsewhere in the magazine, we speak to Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell of WOHA, Maison&Objet Asia’s Designer of the Year 2017, about their take on sustainable design. From hotels to residential buildings, their work is not defined solely through an aesthetic lens, but as a necessary response to a world that’s changing due to global warming.

The pool view at private island eco-resort Cempedak

Greeted by the azure expanse of the sea and the mesmerising bamboo structures at the private island eco-resort Cempedak, which I visited for this issue, I was instantly reminded that indeed, nature is the best designer. 

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