Cover The rooftop gym features the innovative Glass Curtains system, which features glass panels that can be opened fully to maximise views of the skyline

SS+D designs a penthouse apartment with an enviable rooftop gym and home office, featuring the innovative Glass Curtains system from Durablinds

On breezy, fair-weather days, it seems a waste for your outdoor areas to be underutilised—especially when you’ve been spending more time at home. Available exclusively at Durablinds, the Glass Curtains system from Spain will help you make the most of your interior and exterior spaces; it can also function as partitions that can carve out separate zones when you need to create a specific area for work.

Described as being “curtains made of glass”, this product features fully retractable glass panels that can be discreetly stacked to the side when you want to open up the space for work or play.

Here, we ask three local design firms to envision how they would make the most of the innovative features of Glass Curtains in future projects.

Besides boasting a prime location and generous square footage, the magnificent views of Singapore’s iconic skyline make penthouse apartments particularly covetable. When SS+D founder Sam Loh was tasked to craft a dream rooftop space using Glass Curtains, the interior designer created a private terrace with separate rooms for a gym and a workspace for a penthouse unit, connected by a corridor and an infinity pool.

To make the most of the panoramic views, the designer envisioned how the rooftop spaces could be used for socialising. He cleverly carved out areas where the owners could entertain their guests; these include a bar counter in the gym and a lounge area in the home office, such that both rooms can also function as a place for guests and family to gather.

“The use of Glass Curtains enhances our design approach by creating a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas, allowing the users to redefine the sense of space when needed,” says Loh. “Both the workspace and gym area can be enclosed independently to reduce the surrounding noise and distraction, without compromising the unobstructed city views.”

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Materials in neutral colours and minimalist architectural detailing place the emphasis on the fabulous skyline views from the apartment

To create a unified look throughout, Loh and his team selected natural materials such as stone and wood in neutral tones. A pebbled corridor lined with a row of bamboo plants adds to the tranquil look of the rooftop; it also features wooden trellis detailing that draws cues to the use of dark timber flooring in the enclosed rooms.

“Materials in neutral colours and minimalist architectural detailing place the emphasis on the fabulous skyline views from the apartment,” says Loh. 

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