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These handblown glass pieces merge artistry with sophistication

Glass art is an age-long tradition dating back to the Roman Empire. Refined by artisans across hundreds of years, glassmaking styles have evolved, bringing us an array of options today.

A glassmith or gaffer manipulates molten glass by introducing air into a glass bubble—this process is done repeatedly and meticulously to create specific designs and colourways. Behind these elegant final products is a rigorous process that requires not only technique and skill but also intricate artistry. Amongst the most famous glass art hubs in the world, many flocks to Venice, Italy where this tradition has been preserved and concentrated in the island of Murano since the 13th century.

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Here are some beautiful picks that double as art pieces and handy homeware: 


Inspired by Japanese cherry trees, the Fleurs de Cerisier collection by Lalique is an excellent study in subtle elegance. Illuminated with gold and highlighted with enamel, applied by hand, the cherry blossom design symbolises the ephemeral character of beauty and life, inviting one to marvel at the present moment.


A testament to the fine mastery of Murano’s famed glassblowers, this Carlo Moretti crystal vase is the perfect accent in your living area. Handcrafted by glassmaking masters in Murano, Italy, this piece is a work of art.


Aerate your wine with this intricately designed glass bowl. Featuring no base, this Zalto Burgundy bowl boasts a f lat edge to prevent it from rolling off the table. Its striking look is enough of a conversation starter, especially when entertaining at home.


This stunning chandelier features handblown globes brought together with GamFratesi’s minimalist design. Add a splash of contemporary elegance with this delicate yet modern light fixture. Its slim saddle- leather strap adds a touch of masculinity that makes it a great centrepiece for any room.


Add a flair of whimsy to your home with a colourful glass vase. Not only can it serves as an accent or centrepiece, but it’s also perfectly functional–the best of both worlds!


A contemporary twist to the hourglass, this glass timer is the perfect utilitarian statement piece. With an array of colourways to choose from, amplify your living space with this gorgeous item.


Impress your guests with this beautiful Corrado Corradi Ichendorf Alchemy decanter that can double as a vase. The hand-blown piece is both versatile and stunning, shaped to allow wines to breathe properly and enrich their flavour, yet still perfect to serve water from as well.

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