Want to spruce up your home but feel stuck in a rut? These tips from Gen.T Lister Shen-Tel will ignite your ID spark.

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Photo: Andy Phe/Bespoke Photographics

Mere minutes spent in the company of  Shen-Tel Lee evokes a sunnier disposition on life, which isn't surprising for someone whose life motto is: "Do what you love and encourage others to do the same."

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When not  curating rockstar accessories for Sereni & Shentel or classy accoutrements for Bowerhaus, the uber-creative Gen.T Lister devotes her energy to new projects from her base in Kuching. "We are getting ready for something really huge!" she beamed. "I can’t say a lot right now, but there will be a huge space for myself and some other cool cats to decorate."

 Did we mention that her other passion is interior design? Want to spruce up your home but feel stuck in a rut? These tips from Shen-Tel will prove inspiring.

Don’t be afraid of colours

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"Nothing brightens up a space like a burst of colour. I am no stranger to the power of colour and love to be surrounded by it at work and at home."

Always display your best items and enjoy them

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"I hate hiding things away. When you have something special, it should be out for all to see and appreciate. I used to keep my best things in dust bags and I would forget that I even had them. I now display my treasured items all over the house - including my bags and shoes!"

If you have kids let their play items shine

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"Don’t hide your kids’ favourite toys. Make them a part of your décor. I love to buy kid-friendly bowls to store toys so my kids can access them quickly. I think it keeps things neat and pretty and also saves a lot of clean up time because my kids can easily scoop the items up and pack them away unassisted."

When in doubt use books

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"I think books instantly warm up a space. I personally cannot live without my books and have passed this love on to my kids. I recently installed book rails in my kids’ room so they can see all their favourite books easily. It makes reading time so much more fun."

Have fun!

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"There are no rules when it comes to decorating your home. It is your space, so let your imagination run wild! If what you have created makes you happy and you wake up with a huge smile on your face, then you have succeeded."

(Photos courtesy of Shen-Tel Lee)

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