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Let a breath of fresh air into your home with these beautiful arrangements delivered to you from local florists

Flowers always seem to put a smile on someone’s face on a special day, but they’re not just for celebrations and occasions—they also lift up the mood in any space, bringing us a little closer to nature while we’re cooped in and working from home.

With Covid-19 circuit breaker measures in place, local florists have had to close their doors, but don’t worry—they are still operating online to deliver fresh flowers to you (or your loved ones). We pick out five flower shops that offer a flower subscription service, so you can keep the beautiful arrangements coming during this period and even after.

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Beato has a flair for vibrant colour palettes that are glamorous and eye-catching. The flower studio boasts an extensive selection of seasonal and exotic flowers—from destinations like Ethiopia, Kenya, Ecuador, and Japan—which they will send to your doorstep on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis for each subscription period of six months.

Choose from three different styles: Gleeful, Romance or Timeless; and three sizes: Appetiser, Entree, and the Sweet, and the first delivery will come in a vase. Subsequent arrangements will be sized for the same vase.

Available at Beato.


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Yi Lian Ng Floral Atelier

With a background in fashion, editor and floral stylist Yi Lian Ng certainly has an eye for style. Whether you prefer the whimsical, romantic, or innovative, the floral atelier offers an extensive repertoire of flower arrangements that demonstrates her flair for colours, silhouettes and proportions.

Subscriptions are available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, and you can select which day you would like to receive them. You can even order subscription flowers for specific occasions, such as birthday, anniversaries, or special days. There are three sizes available, and a selection of colour palette to choose from—Classic Whites, Pinks and Pastels, Purples and Blues, and Bright and Bold. Each arrangement arrives in a vase, which is exchanged for every delivery so you can expect something new every time.

Available at Yi Lian Ng Floral Atelier.

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A boutique florist as well as a school of floral design, Fleuriste adopts an artistic approach to its floral arrangements, specialising in bespoke rustic bouquets. The boutique offers a lot of flexibility for its flower subscription service, with a minimum subscription of four deliveries that can be utilised over six months.

Each arrangement is customised to your liking, and the first delivery comes in a clear jar or vase that can be used for subsequent bouquets. The arrangements are available in three sizes—petite, regular and premium.

Available at Fleuriste.


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Flower Addict

A superhero for forgotten special occasions or a spontaneous gift for loved ones, Flower Addict is best known for its stylish and modern arrangements that can be delivered on the same day. If you’d like to plan ahead, the floral boutique offers a subscription service that will deliver fresh blooms to you on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Subscriptions last from one to six months, or until cancelled, and you can pause it if you’re travelling or moving.

What’s unique about Flower Addict is that you can indulge your creative side by opting to style the arrangement yourself—the flowers will arrive in a bespoke box, and you can arrange it with the vase and secateurs that come with the first delivery. The subscription comes with three price points—Dainty, Pleasure, and Indulgence.

Available at Flower Addict.

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Bloomeys offers classic arrangements of fresh blooms that will complement any home office. The boutique’s subscription service delivers on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, with three sizes—Petite Jar, Classic and Glamorous—to choose from.

Every arrangement is unique, created from the latest seasonal flowers available, and the first delivery will come in a jar, which you can use for the subsequent bouquets.

Available at Bloomeys.