It might be a wrap for Plastic-Free July, but that doesn't mean our eco-friendly efforts have come to an end. In fact, far from it. With plastic straws and bags on their way out, green is officially the new black and we're looking to the future with products to help you rid single-use plastics from your life for good. From stylish bento boxes and bottles to zero-waste beauty products, check out our top picks for plastic-free products in the gallery below:
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Bento belle

Bento boxes just got an ultra-stylish makeover. Check out Monbento's latest range of lunch boxes with handy compact sections built in, so you can make sure to pack your five-a-day with ease. Available in a range of pastel colours, you're sure to be the most fashionable in the office when it coems to lunch accessories. 

Available at Monbento


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Above Photo: Courtesy of Live Zero

The last straw

As we all know, the final straw came earlier this year with the long-overdue banning of plastic bags and straws. But what to do in the meantime with all those thick smoothie bowls and fruity cocktails? These reusable  straws—they come in a variety of materials including rose gold, stainless steel, glass and more—will suit all your drinking needs, and comes with a set of pipe-cleaners for easy cleaning.

Available from Live Zero

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Plastic-Free HK

That's a wrap 

Made with beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil, these rewashible food wraps will add a litte Savoir faire to any item in your kitchen, eliminating the need for shrink-wrap, sandwich bags, and other single-use plastics. When cared for properly, these clever clingers can last up to a year or even longer.

Available at Plastic-Free HK

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Urban Greenosophy

Shampoo saviour

Fancy a decadent scrub with coconut scented suds? We sure do. Made from only the finest organically resourced coconut milk, these shampoo bars will leave your hair feeling glossy and silky in no time and—thanks to the lack of plastic packaging—you'll be helping to save the environment without even leaving the shower.

Available at Urban Greenosophy

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Grovemade

Skate to success

Made from materials such as recycled skateboards (sorry teens and Tony Hawk hopefuls), these chic and colourful phone cases are a must-have this season. They're available from Grovemade, which also specialises in eco-friendly keyboards, charging pads, and wallets. Based in Portland, Oregon, they also offer 10 percent off your first online order. Happy shopping!

Available at Grovemade

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Above Photo: Courtesy of RollEat

Sandwiched in

Send your sandwiches anywhere—work, school or sports day—in style,with these sleek reusable sandwich bags by Boc'n'Roll. Wave goodbye to flimsy single use plastic, and say hello to the latest range of food preservation technology. These bags will keep everything from panini's to fruit fresh and tasty, and can be reused as many times as you see fit.

Available at RollEat

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Above Photo: Amazon

Packed up

Looks like a standard grocery bag, but you might want to take a closer peek. This is actually a vinyl shopping bag that comes with a garantee that you'll be able to shop sustainably for a very long time, and will have people wondering how on earth you managed to find the strongest paper bags on the planet. 

Available on Amazon


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Above Photo: Courtesy of S'well

Bottle it up

When it comes to plastic, the single use bottle is the king of pollution. Hongkongers consume and throw away up to 5.2 million bottles a day, and this shocking statistic is growing. Luckily, these stylish bottles by S'well will keep your drinks nice and cool, while making sure that at least one plastic bottle doesn't wind up in the ocean. Available in a range of patterns or plain colours—save the planet, and look fabulous while doing it. 

Available from Now No Waste.

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Cino

Coffee to go

Love your morning espresso, but hate big coffee containers? No need to worry. This stylish little KeepCup will allow you to enjoy your coffee without having to use unnecessary plastics or non-recyclables. Made from upcycled soda-lime glass that can easily be popped in the dishwasher,  and comes equipped with a heatable lid that will keep your cup of joe toasty all morning. 

Available at LiveZero HK

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Scrub Up

Your make-up routine just got a whole lot more beautiful, with these reusable facial pads (think softer skin, kinder treatments). When you're finished scrubbing, simply pop them in the wash and hey presto - ready to use again! Couldn't be simpler, and the results are brilliant. 

Facekins reusable facial pads available on Amazon

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Plastic-Free HK

Chow down

Who says eco-initiatives are only for humans? With this sustainably made tugger toy, even the family pooch can join in the mission to reduce carbon pawprints (and take the focus off chewing your favourite shoes for the afternoon), so it's a win for owners and canines alike.

Available at Plastic-Free HK

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