Feeling the need to shift things around a bit at home? Here are a few easy ways to redo your spaces and uplift your mood in the process

Being in quarantine has shifted our focus to home-centred activities, some of which we may not have given a second thought to due to the more pressing obligations of daily life. We’ve levelled up our cooking skills and Marie Kondo-ed our closets, among other things. Necessary? Perhaps. Therapeutic? Most definitely.

Some of us may have even thought of giving our living spaces a new look. With malls closed and delays in deliveries still in place, redecorating options are currently limited. But as the HGTV channel and Pinterest have taught us, there is plenty that can be done using things we may already have. You needn’t be a professional interior designer, either. Listed below are a few tips and tricks you may want to try out. You will end up not just with an updated space, but, hopefully, with an improved mood as well.

Happy redecorating! And keep safe.

Change Up Your Layouts

It’s amazing how simply moving things around can cause a shift in our perspectives. While there’s nothing wrong in keeping the same layout year in and year out, there’s nothing wrong in wanting to update something that no longer works for you, either. Moving a bed or sofa to the other end of a room can make a world of a difference, improving accessibility to other things such as bookshelves, light sources, and doorways. Doing so can make the space feel bigger, too, especially if you are working with larger pieces. A bonus? This may require some heavy lifting, so you get your workout for the day in as well.

Go On a Treasure Hunt

Those of us who do change things up on the regular have accumulated a lot of things throughout the years. Try to revisit your storage room—there may be a painting, carpet, or vase that you can bring out to inspire a new look. For spaces like bedrooms, powder rooms, or dressing rooms, items such as accessories, perfume bottles, and make-up products with pretty packaging, among others, can be brought out of hiding to add a personal touch. Going down memory lane by putting up bulletin boards or frames with photographs of family and friends may help uplift your spirit as well.

Colour Your World

On the off-chances you have some cans of paint sitting in your garage, you can easily establish a focal point in any room by creating an accent wall or manipulate space by painting the ceiling: light to make it look higher, and dark to make it look lower. If you want to do more than just apply paint to a surface and are in the mood to explore your artistic side, you can look into techniques such as stencilling, ragging, and sponging. And if you aren’t the type to let the walls do the talking, you can apply a fresh coat of paint to other pieces of furniture or decorative items as well—just make sure you know what you can and cannot work with, as some paint ingredients can have adverse effects on certain materials.

Become a Plant Parent

Aside from adding life to an otherwise sterile space, plants cleanse indoor air by absorbing toxins, help reduce stress, and boost moods. The good news is you needn’t have been born with a green thumb to care for one, as there has been an influx of demand for indoor plants that do not require too much attention. Brighten up your space with a snake plant, cactus, aloe plant, or a Bacularis. Don’t forget to say a few nice things to them when you can. Some plant shops in the metro are still accepting online orders and delivery. In the process, you are helping small businesses stay afloat in this time of uncertainty. 

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