Modular mirror-cabinet designs for the bathroom

Duravit extends its range of the modular Light and Mirrors collection, responding to often-encountered project requirements of architects and planners seeking comfort and functionality. The light profile, switch system, size, mirror heating and storage space can be individually selected for all the models in this category. The entire mirror portfolio features a pared-down design and is compatible with all Duravit products.


A highlight of the new mirrored cabinets is the extended illuminated area at the upper edge of the mirror. The sides of the light band and cabinet body are trimmed with satin-finish white glass covers, giving the cabinet a timeless, contemporary look. The models offer ample storage space with a maximum depth of 15 cm, allowing everyday accessories to be stored safely on the integrated glass shelves, even in the smaller models.


The mirrored cabinet comes in three versions: the basic variant has a traditional wall-mounted switch. The mid-priced version includes an enhanced option with a discreet switch on the mirror and an integrated plug socket. The comfort solution sports an additional mirrored interior panel and washbasin lighting. The basic and enhanced versions are also available as built-in models with matching frames.

The new Duravit mirrored cabinets are available in four widths ranging from 60 cm to 120 cm. This variety of options encourages design freedom and provides a wide range of comfort features.

In the Philippines, Duravit is distributed by Kuysen Enterprises. (website here).