Walls stay clean, beautiful and safe for longer with Dulux’s new EasyClean™ as style influencer Kim Raymond and her daughter discover

These days we spend most of our time in our homes and knowing that our homes are a safe environment for our loved ones—especially for our littlest loved ones—is reassuring indeed. Dulux’s new and improved EasyClean™ aims to do just that with a range of paints that provides protection from stains and bacteria as well.

Paint adds warmth, personality and finesse to a room but unfortunately, over time painted walls can become stained with dirt or food, which in turn becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The last thing anyone wants is curious children “sampling” said walls but cleaning them is often not so easy.

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The solution is Dulux EasyClean™ which, when applied properly according to Dulux’s painting system with one coat of appropriate Dulux Sealer and minimum two coats of Dulux EasyClean™, creates a protective layer that makes cleaning most liquid stains, such as sodas, fruit juices, chilli sauce and ketchup a breeze. This includes stains created by chalk, dust and mud.

Additionally, the protective layer prevents the growth of bacteria as well, turning any interior into a safe environment for the whole family. The paints also come with Colourguard™ Technology, which helps walls remain vibrant for longer and offer a staggering amount of choices of more than 2,000 colour options to choose from.

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Style influencer Kim Raymond just moved into her new home and chose Dulux EasyClean™ paint for her daughter Skylar’s playroom. Skylar, who turned 4 this year, is an active girl and Raymond wanted to do something special for her personal space while still ensuring it was also practical to maintain.

“For my daughter's playroom, Dulux EasyClean™ is ideal because it’s easy to clean if it ever gets dirty. I also like that it doesn’t have a strong smell after it is applied,” she says.

The anti-bacterial properties of the paint is also a big plus for this young mother as it gives her peace of mind that the paint helps to inhibit bacterial growth. As a result, Skylar is exposed to a healthy interior environment when she spends time in the room.

For this fashionista, colour plays a big part in choosing a paint and Kim was delighted to find the perfect pink for the playroom. “There are so many nice colours that I did not know which to choose. But I like that there are so many shades of every colour. Even the slightest difference  in shade gives a different vibe completely.”

Dulux EasyClean™ is now available for purchase at selected authorised Dulux retail outlets. Visit its official website for more product information and colour inspiration.

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