Cover Add a stylish flair to your space by hanging decorative dishware on walls (Image: Courtesy of Matthieu Salvaing, via JJ Martin/@jjmartinmilan)

Plates don't always have to be on a table—find tips and ideas on how to turn your tableware into a decorative feature

Flaunting your favourite tableware on full display doesn't only mean artfully arranging them on shelves. You could prop them on your credenza or, better yet, hang them on your walls. This wall art alternative has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity lately, with many turning their unused plates and bowls into versatile art installations. By hanging your cherished dishware, you’re not only decorating the walls (without any framing!) but also freeing up storage space in your cabinets. 

This conversation-starting decor trick is also a chic and easy way to infuse colour and style into a room. Here, take stylish cues on the different ways you can style decorative dishware in your home.

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1. Play with shapes

There’s no rule saying you to stick with the classic round shape. Create a visual impact by mixing various plates of different sizes and shapes, or even throwing in plates with unconventional silhouettes such as crescents or scalloped-shaped pieces. The result is a display that evokes a contemporary and surprising effect.

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2. Liven up a corner with colour

If you’re looking to add a bright finishing touch to a cosy corner, try grouping dishware in a small cluster. A collection of circular plates takes pride of place above a vintage chair in Los Angeles-born, Milan-based designer JJ Martin’s apartment.

Besides adding dimension and a harmonious flow to the space, the beautiful plates are also recycled—the exuberant display is created from castoff plates from the tableware collection by La Double J, Martin’s lifestyle brand.

3. Embrace a consistent theme

For a cohesive display, use dishware with the same color palette and theme. Textile designer and tableware enthusiast Carolina Irving chose to display her maroon Mexican plates atop her fireplace in her Melides home. The plates, featuring various bird motifs and patterns on them, add character to the otherwise streamlined area.

For this home in Sydney, Australian designer Greg Natale chose to decorate the powder-blue walls of the living area with monochromatic Fornasetti plates. Aligned in neat columns and rows, the plates bring a touch of drama to the space.

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4. Use different textures and patterned dishware

If you’re not keen on hanging your expensive china on the wall, turn towards decorative statement pieces. Singapore-based firm E&A Interiors often utilise colourful plates and hand-woven fruit baskets on the walls of homes that they have designed. 

These eye-catching displays work wonders, uplifting the space by injecting texture and vibrance to the walls. To make it even more dynamic, they often play with the height and placement of how the pieces are displayed.  

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5. Think big

It’s not just smaller plates that can go onto the walls—a large decorative piece will make for a striking display as well. Take a leaf from Spanish establishment Olivia Restaurant & Lounge’s book and adorn your wall with an oversized plate or tableware. The splashy piece is sure to catch the eye of your guests. 

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