Cover Dailsay Collection opens a pop-up store in K11 Musea to showcase Filipino craftsmanship in furniture-making (Photo: Courtesy of Dalisay Collection)

Dalisay Collection celebrates the craftsmanship of local artisans throughout the Philippines and brings their creation to Hong Kong through this pop-up store in K11 Musea

Dalisay Collection (DACO) has made its highly-anticipated debut online and at a pop-up store in K11 Musea, which is open until August 2021. DACO is a designer furniture collective with flexible ownership plans founded in Hong Kong. It boasts unique furniture designs, an artisan-driven approach and a commitment to locally sourced materials, which comes together to deliver handcrafted furniture and home decor that lasts for generations.

Its name, dalisay, means pure, sincere or genuine in Tagalog, the language of the Philippines and pays homage to the place where the brand shares its roots, as well as the values that guide the collaborative process that goes into each one-of-a-kind piece. "It was a natural fit for us to have our inaugural pop-up store in K11 Musea since we both share values in creativity, artistry and sustainability," says Pristine Lampard, founder of Dalisay Collection.

Their products are purposely created in small limited edition batches but bear the quality of a handcrafted piece that stands out in an era of mass-produced fast furniture. They work closely with skilled independent craftsmen in small family-owned workshops with each Dalisay piece armed with a personal story from the people, the locally sourced materials and the modern and traditional techniques used.

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You can expect each piece to be a celebration of collaboration where the impeccable craftsmanship of local artisans throughout the Philippines meets a premium yet pragmatic design language honed in Hong Kong. By showcasing the skills of local makers and connecting them to new global audiences, Dalisay strives to provide these craftsmen with meaningful and fairly compensated work that will help to preserve their trade and make real contributions to their livelihoods and communities.

Dalisay also champions quality over quantity, embracing circular designs with last-lasting pieces meant to be loved, refurbished, repaired and reused again and again. By emphasising longevity, it not only benefits the owners but also helps reduce furniture waste and promote sustainability in the long term.

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To bring DACO to life and stay true to the traditional craft, its founder Pristine Lampard went on numerous sourcing trips to the Philippines, meeting with specialised craftsmen across different regions to develop a strong network of local artisans.

"The Philippines has a long history in woodworking and weaving of natural materials. These traditional skills and natural, locally sourced materials such as solid wood and rattan, are all leveraged and given new life in our unique, modern designs," says Lampard.

Some of the notable pieces from the pop-up collection include the S-Table-02 which took four solid days of hand chiselling to reveal the distinctive colours of each volcanic stone before it's matched with an Acacia wood top. The stone sourced from the area surrounding Mount Pinatubo, an active volcano in the Philippines. Meanwhile, the Sofa-01 is made from solid Acacia wood and no nails, screw or brackets are used to assemble the frame, highlighting the precision and skill of each maker. The handwoven rattan Pouf-01 features a weaving style that that echoes prehistoric mat weaving imprints found on Filipino pottery and iron artefacts.

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Talking to Tatler about what makes their furniture unique, Pristine says "Every furniture item comes individually numbered to ensure authenticity as part of our limited collections and has a story behind it—from the makers to the unique designs and the natural, locally sourced materials. We also focus on handcrafted details like hand-carved wood joints and handwoven textiles. Even within the collection there are slight variations from one item to the next, particularly with the natural wood grains, making each piece truly one of a kind."

The new pop-up will exhibit a mix of the artistic and technical prowess of the Filipino craftsmen, the beauty of locally sourced materials and the Hong Kong lifestyle. Any purchase of Dalisay's products offers flexible ownership plans ranging from 3–12 months. When your ownership is coming to an end, you can choose to return the piece, extend your plan, try a new style or keep the furniture by paying the difference between the retail value and what you've paid to date.

Dalisay Collection, 403A, 4/F, K11 Musea, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong,

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