These beautiful tableware and home decor pieces are perfect for gift giving this Christmas

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Porcelain Mug with Filter Gift Set by Shang Xia

A sophisticated gift set for both tea or coffee lovers, the design of the fine porcelain mug imitates traditional bamboo weaving. Part of Shang Xia’s iconic Bridge series, the mug comes with a porcelain tea leaf filter and ink stone cup cover.  

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Synergraphic Design Horizon Mirror

Elevate your space this season with this hand sprayed gradient effect mirror made by local glassmaker Synegraphic Design. The minimalist design and pop of colour on the mirror makes it a statement piece that would dress up any space. Choose from blue, yellow, burgundy or orange tints; the gradient effect can be sprayed in a circular, straight or crescent pattern onto the round mirror.

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Bordallo Pinheiro Green Lily Cheese Tray with Natural Mouse

Bordallo Pinheiro’s collection is often associated with being both quirky and humorous. Each piece of ceramic has a certain artistic quality that is distinctive to the Portuguese brand itself. With techniques and procedures passed down from centuries from generation to generation, the brand's ceramic works are rich in heritage and culture.

The ceramic products in this collection consist of everyday products proving to be timeless and current with the constantly evolving market. Each product is a piece of art that is a perfect gift for anyone that loves quirky home decor.

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Talking Textiles glass trivet

This glass trivet by Talking Textiles is a fitting gift for tea lovers. It features a calming scene of a traditional tea house that enhances your afternoon tea setting. The glass trivet is a multifunctional piece that can be used for holding your teapot, light refreshments, or as a decorative piece.

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Bynd Artisan Valet tray set with customisable engravings

If you are looking for a personalized gift, this customisable leather tray set from Bynd Artisan is the perfect gift for you. This tray set that consist of three different sizes is extremely practical for everyday use as a tray to keep all your knicks and knacks or small items in clear sight. The tray is compact and travel friendly with its snap button closure on all four sides that allows the set of three trays to be stacked together or collapsed.

With four colours to choose from and a wide variety of engraving options, this leather tray set can be personalized down to the minute details to suit your taste, making it a perfect gift to customise for someone who loves personalised gifts.

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Supermama Singapore Blue Collection - House of Stories Plate

Designed by Tatler Homes Singapore, this plate from Supermama pays homage to shophouses in Singapore. It emphasises one of its most prominent features—the iconic timber windows that distinguish its facade. The window motif also symbolises a way of seeing, sharing a glimpse into the lives of those who reside within.

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Huls Gallery Ichirin Single Flower Vase

This copper alloy flower vases from Huls gallery is made from a traditional colouring process where each piece is unique. Its elegant and sleek design makes this vase versatile and suitable for any home. Available in four soothing colours, this vase is made in Takaoka, Toyama prefecture, an area with a 400-year history of copperware production. 

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Lacquered Keepsake Box

This two-tone resin box from Forbidden Hill is ideal for storing small jewellery pieces and keepsakes; its curved surface brings out the vivid colour and shine of the lacquered finish.

Featuring a high-gloss treatment on the exterior and an interior in a matte finish, the lacquered resin box from the Utama collection is inspired by Sang Nila Utama’s historic encounter with the king of beasts. The Utama Collection is available in three locally-inspired colour palettes – Hornbill Blue, Kopi Brown and Merdeka Red.

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Gucci Decor Freesia, medium Guccy Hollywood candle

Gift this aromatic Guccy Hollywood candle with a unique scent of Freesia and galbanum and presented in a eye-catching pink porcelain holder to someone special. This scented candle is beautifully decorated in a holder with House codes that consists of butterflies, XXV, Guccy and Hollywood prints. 

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Tiffany & Co Colour block mini vases in bone China

Spice up your space with this elegant vase that is suitable for any space. This three-piece set is crafted with a fun colour-blocking pattern that mixes a modern and sophisticated style with a touch of playfulness with the signature Tiffany blue hue.

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