Cover Atrium trays, from Hermes

You know the drill when Chinese New Year rolls around—besides stocking up on festive essentials, it’s also a time to usher the joyous mood of spring into your abode. Some folks do so by bedecking their walls and doorways with traditional decorations that feature plenty of the colours red and gold. While there is nothing wrong in doing so, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go another route—perhaps a more stylish and creative one—with your festive decor.

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Red and gold may be customary favourites, but there are other colours that are equally auspicious in Chinese culture and can help build a more varied and interesting home-decor palette. Yellow, orange, coral, pink and green are but some of these hues. Take your pick from them and, if you’re not exactly a big fan of bright, vivid colours, make them more palatable by applying them in their other tonal variations.

As any professional interior decorator will tell you, the best way to incorporate colour in the home is with accessories like art pieces, ornaments and soft furnishings like rugs and cushions. Not only can these styling objects be changed, replaced and moved easily according to your mood, they won’t result in colour overkill. Used sparingly and cleverly, they can add such interest to a room. Click through the gallery for a few ideas that will bring life and cheer to your home, while elevating your existing decor.