Bookshelves never looked better until Maryam Pousti revealed this magnificent creation during the recent Milan Design Week.

First seen in Pousti Studio's space during Milan Design Week 2015, the new bookshelf from Maryam Pousti's CHEFT Collection is a showstopper that attracted many interior enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Made using 12 sleek wooden panels, this fan-shaped wonder is assembled with two focal points from which the wooden panels splay out like rays of light. And you don't even need a single nail, screw or even glue to build it.

By crisscrossing the 12 panels, the rack structure is made to stand on its own without the need of any wall support, making it a great room partition and centrepiece, in addition to being an aesthetically stunning shelf of knowledge.

Conventional shelves require plenty of books or decor to make it look presentable, but the sheer fantastic design of CHEFT bypasses that notion. Even with just a single book per partition, the shelf looks pretty impressive.

However, for book lovers, this might be an obstacle. The only way around this would be getting more than one of them and why not? The CHEFT bookshelf is pure tantalising for a minimalistic and modern home interior.


For more information about the CHEFT collection, please visit Pousti Studio at


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