Cover Steve Aoki has a dedicated playroom with shelves full of precious Kaws figurines Image: Courtesy of Steve Aoki/@steveaoki

Showcase your favourite figurines and other limited edition collectibles by taking a leaf from the toy rooms in these stylish abodes, some of which belong to celebrities like Steve Aoki and RM from BTS

Amassing an impressive selection of figurines from your favourite artists and series is just half the fun of being a toy collector. Be they Medicom Toy's Bearbrick figurines, American artist Brian Donnelly's Kaws Companion figures or models from Star Wars and other popular media franchises, these are the pride and joy of every fan, with celebrities including deejay Steve Aoki and RM of BTS being as among such avid fans. 

The process of choosing how to display your prized possessions is just as fun, but it can rapidly become extremely overwhelming—especially if you own a substantial number of toy models and figurines. How do you best curate the display from a large collection, and what are the best custom shelving options available?

Get ideas on the many ways you can showcase your cherished collectibles while keeping them in tip-top condition. We’ve gathered a selection of inspiring ideas for you to incorporate your toy collection into your home decor.

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A dedicated room with clear display shelves

RM, rapper and leader of Korean boy band BTS, is known to be a fervent fan of collecting figurines—most notably of Kaws, Bearbricks and Kakao Friends’ Ryan. In his personal studio, the enthusiastic collector specially set aside a room to display his extensive collection.

The rapper chose acrylic display cabinets to house most of his figurines. The clear shelves are durable and hard-wearing, and the transparency of the cabinet allows one to easily view the figurines at all angles. With the design of the cabinets, each individual shelf height has the capacity to accommodate the different heights of the figurines. Notably, the sculptures are also kept away from direct sunlight as they are stored in clear displays.

A group of larger Bearbrick figurines that are unable to fit into the shelves is gathered under a wall display of treasured skateboards, alongside a bike and other collectibles by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

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Build custom shelves for figurines of different heights

American deejay and record producer Steve Aoki is also known to be a notable collector of Kaws figurines. In his Las Vegas home which he has nicknamed Aoki’s Playhouse, he created an entire showroom dedicated to housing his treasured Kaws collectibles. The room is simply designed, and yet makes a stunning visual statement.

Custom-made shelves line the walls of the room. The shelves are easy to clean and allow Aoki the flexibility to switch around the figurines displayed whenever he desires to. Featuring a range of different heights, the shelves are able to accommodate both smaller pieces and larger figurines. The pared-back design approach to the room really highlights the colourful figurines and allows them to stand out.

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A home with black shelves

This stunning living room designed by Prestige Global Designs features an eye-catching full-height shelf that houses a colourful assortment of Kaws figurines. The playful array of toys livens up the monochromatic concept of the living room whilst injecting character and personality into the space.

To fit the figurine sculptures of varying sizes, the designers discreetly created shelves of different heights; the upper shelves are slightly smaller and hold smaller toys, while the bottom shelves are loftier and can accommodate taller figurines. Display lighting within each shelf casts a boutique effect on each shelf and creates a subtle warm ambience.

The collection doesn't end at the living area; the master bedroom on the second floor also houses stunning mirrored display shelves that showcase a variety of fashion collectibles and other figurines. A row of Bearbrick figurines also serve as playful accents along the hallway.

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A dream cabinet that doubles as a showpiece

Designed by architecture firm RT+Q, this toy collector’s hobby room features towering custom cabinets that proudly display his vast amount of action figures and car models. The dedicated bespoke area allows for the collection to be easily accessible and admired.

Built-in lighting within the cabinets illuminates the figurines, creating a boutique effect. In addition to allowing the collectibles to be seen in their full resplendence, the glass doors of the cabinet also help keep dust away from the treasured mementos.

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A store-like glass display that exhibits all your figurines

Flaunt your collection on display with a dedicated home for your figurines, as shown in this house designed by Bangkok-based design practice Onion Studio. Nicknamed the Bear House, the abode is a three-storey residence in Thailand. The homeowners, who enjoy collecting Bearbrick figurines, requested the designers to build a store-like exhibition area where they can display 17 figurines from their collection.

Occupying an entire wall in the dining room, the cabinet is filled with miniature staircases and ladders. The display is crafted from light oak panels, which is the main material used in other parts of the house as well. Each Bearbrick figurine enjoys its very own spacious turf while perched within a dedicated spot throughout the display.

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A light-filled garage for cars and collectibles

This garage, also designed by Onion Studio, is a standalone building purchased to showcase an impressive amount of treasured Kaws and Bearbrick figurines. First designed in 2013, the homeowners returned to the designers again in 2016 as their collection has since expanded. The colossal showroom functions as an entertainment and display space for the homeowners, and is nicknamed the Bear Garage as it also houses selected beloved vintage cars. 

The owners’ extensive collection of precious figurines span throughout the entire area. As many as nearly 50 1000% Bearbrick figurines (the largest size of Bearbrick figurines sold in the market) are lined up within custom glass cabinets that light up the entire space. For a humorous touch, the toys are intentionally positioned in a marching rows. A built-in cabinet on the upper floor houses even more Bearbricks alongside a four feet tall Kaws sculpture.

The entertainment room in the garage houses an assortment of smaller Bearbrick figurines that are placed on display throughout the custom-made shelves. A large modular sofa, filled with plenty of plush collectible cushions, is placed in front of several Kaws sculptures. Other precious tokens and ephemera such as vintage alcohol and a massive Takashi Murakami add further flourishes to the space.