Cover These luxury room sprays will elevate your home fragrance game (Photo: Courtesy of Shanghai Tang)

Give your home its own signature scent with one of these high-end room sprays

Shanghai Tang 

Homegrown label Shanghai Tang recently expanded its iconic home fragrance line with two new scents: Bamboo, a refreshing scent reminiscent of morning dew; and Chrysanthemum, which carries more autumnal notes of flowers and spice. They've also revamped their signature Ginger Flower home fragrance collection with a fresh new look. 

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The Melbourne-based brand has three room sprays, allowing you to bring home that unmistakably earthy Aesop aroma. There's Olous, with rich notes of cedar and cardamom; Cythera, a warm blend of geranium and patchouli; and finally, Istros, a lively union of florals and tobacco. 

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Housed in a sleek, oversized glass bottle that's a statement piece in itself, Byredo's room spray collection is a concise collection of scents that will transport you not just to places but also memories; Bibliothèque, for example, has base notes of leather, vanilla and patchouli, creating a scent that's reminiscent of an old library.     

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Cire Trudon 

As far as room sprays go, it doesn't get more opulent than Cire Trudon. The large glass bottles are handmade in Tuscany, complete with a vintage-style pump to release your scent of choice. There are a total 11 to choose from, including one of our personal favourites, Maduraï—a pretty blend of mandarin and Indian jasmine. 

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Le Labo

Known and loved for their apothecary-style approach to fragrance, Le Labo can always be counted on for exotic, one-of-a-kind scents. The brand's collection of eight home sprays take cue from their signature fragrances, but are unique in their own right—the room spray Santal 26, for example, is an ode to Le Labo's best-selling cologne, Santal 33. 

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Room sprays by artful lifestyle brand L'Objet were created to "beautify the air, nourish the body, and lift the spirit". Housed in a stylish monochrome 200ml bottle, L'Objet room sprays come in three velvety rich scents; Bois Sauvage, Rose Noir and Côté Maquis.  

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