Cover Glamorous and dramatic, interior designer Greg Natale added visual contrast to this moody dining room with striking furnishings Photography: Anson Smart, courtesy of Rizzoli New York

Embrace the dark side with black walls—turn to these spaces for design inspiration

Nothing makes a stunning visual impact like black walls. While we love minimalist white rooms as much as the next person, black rooms create a strong design statement upon the first impression. Just like white, black is also incredibly versatile in interiors. It can harmonise with a range of interior styles to deliver a sense of sophistication and elegance to a space.

There are also a range of finishes to consider when designing a black room. You can opt for a matte finish, a high gloss look, or black paint that contains subtle undertones such as red or blue tints. No matter what option you go for, make sure to do a paint test to observe how the shade transforms your space as the light changes throughout the day. 

Ready to make the commitment to black? Below, we gathered some inspirational rooms that make a dramatic design statement with the dark hue.

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A modern lounge in black

For a young couple’s one-bedroom penthouse apartment, New York-based interior designer Nicole Fuller created a stunning fireplace area. The black lacquered bookcase delivers a chic touch to the room and allows the vibrant art pieces tucked within its shelves to shine. A colourful painting hangs above the white Arabescato marble fireplace surround, with both elements creating an eye-catching focal feature within the dark space.

The designer also added contemporary appeal to the dark walls by layering the space with an eclectic mixture of furnishings and art pieces. The blue armchairs stand out with an electrifying pop, while the monochromatic patterned rug adds cosiness and pulls the space together.

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A dramatic dining room with playful patterns

Designed by Australian interior designer Greg Natale, this dining room in a New York apartment is a glamorous setting to entertain guests. To brighten the dramatic walls and create a sense of playfulness in the space, the designer introduced patterns through a combination of wallpaper, fabric, and paintings.

The ceiling is wrapped in a malachite-patterned wallpaper from Cole & Son that provides a visually arresting impact to the room. A soft geometric rug adds pattern and texture. The dark walls are the perfect backdrop for a couple of colourful abstract paintings by Scott Petrie that deliver dynamic energy. Brass furnishings in the form of vintage dining chairs and a decorative Gaetano Sciolari light fixture inject a resplendent note. 

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A black bedroom that layers different elements

Painting a bedroom black can create an intimate atmosphere; the deeper hues can also help embrace the darkness at night to effectuate better sleep. This bedroom designed by New York-based studio Tali Roth Interior Design exudes a snug and tranquil resting environment.

To provide rich contrast and soft depth against the dark walls, the team selected a white headboard that’s paired with textiles in various shades of sandy hues and darker mustards. Decorative ceiling and wall lighting create an artistic statement and brighten the room with a striking flourish.

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A minimalist home office in a shophouse

This monochromatic home office in interior designer Ed Ong’s shophouse home features black walls that imbue the space with a sense of calm. Dark timber flooring accompanies the onyx walls. In line with the designer’s minimalist design philosophy that is characterised by refined clean lines, the space is designed in a quiet and unostentatious manner.

A table featuring a glass tabletop sits in the center of the room, while wooden chairs upholstered in light grey fabric add a light touch. Besides hosting clients and guests, Ong also frequently reads and reflects in this workspace. A large shelf cabinet and several desks showcase the designer’s extensive book collection and other treasured memorabilia. Bouquets of flowers and an indoor plant add a hint of botanical freshness to the room.

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An open-plan apartment with black reflective surfaces

Elevate a dark interior by using high-gloss and reflective materials. Celebrity interior designer Peter Tay designed the show units for GuocoLand’s Midtown Bay residences with his signature design approach which uses reflective surfaces as a striking design element.

The result is an elegant and glamorous space that is bright and spacious. The reflective ceiling, tinted mirrors, and polished wall panels amplify the spatial volume within the space. Depending on the manner in which the room is positioned, glossy surfaces can also reflect the scenic view outdoors and paint a picturesque setting on the walls.

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