Cover This balcony designed by TDC & Associates exudes a tranquil ambience that the homeowners sought for

Make the most out of your balcony area by taking design cues from these homes that truly maximise the use of their outdoor areas

The hot, summer weather might be a deterrent to some when it comes to fully utilising outdoor spaces such as balconies or patios, but a breath of fresh air can deliver plenty of benefits. Besides clearing your lungs and giving you a dose of energy, an outdoor balcony area is also an alternative hangout space for relaxing evenings.

With plenty of design potential, your balcony can serve as a visual extension of your interior scheme. Get design inspiration from these projects by local designers to turn your neglected outdoor space into your very own alfresco haven. 

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A home office with green views

A balcony doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to the living room or bedroom, it can also be designed in the study for easy access to fresh air. This verdant home, designed by Foma Architects, features an expansive balcony area that’s connected to a study nook.

Sliding doors segment the spaces apart during rainy weather, while a large sky window allows ample sunlight to permeate the space. The combination of wood, lush foliage, and increased airflow create a calm space that’s soothing to the eyes and joyful to work in.

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Create an entertainment zone

If your balcony is vast and airy, create distinct areas within the space for extra functionality. Designed by TDC & Associates, this penthouse in The Nassim features a generous balcony with living and dining spaces. 

The area is lined with shutters to provide privacy and shade, with planter boxes underneath adding a touch of greenery and freshening the space. A lounge sofa makes for a comfortable seating arrangement for the family to gather and unwind, while the outdoor dining area is perfect for entertaining guests. Decked with neutral tones and complemented with soft furnishings, the bright balcony completes the rest of the abode’s relaxed vibe.

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Maximise all outdoor areas

This penthouse unit features plenty of outdoor areas, including a sprawling roof terrace and several balconies. To prevent these spaces from being underutilised, design firm KGID deftly transformed the areas into functional layouts tailored for the homeowners.  

The open roof terrace, boasting a panoramic perspective of the cityscape, was converted into a large entertainment space with several zones. Guests can lounge comfortably in the area next to the pool, which features a generously-sized sofa paired with a printed rug and accent tables. The multipurpose roof terrace also hosts a dining and barbeque area as well as a designated yoga space. 

The house features several other balconies; two were ingeniously converted into facilities such as a bathroom and an indoor study to compensate for these missing rooms. The remaining balconies were transformed into urban oases for the family to unwind and get their individual periods of repose at the end of the long day.  

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Dine al fresco

Take advantage of the verdant views that your balcony has to offer by creating a natural extension of your living space. To motivate the homeowners and their guests to look onwards towards the tranquil views, Architology Interiors strategically reoriented the furniture pieces in the living room of this apartment to face the balcony. 

In the balcony, a large custom-made onyx table holds court. The centrepiece features built-in lighting that offers a warm glow whenever the family opts for evening meals outside. Making the most out of the coveted balcony space, the area also features a mini outdoor garden that connects to the lush canopy of trees that the balcony looks out to.

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Take in the views

Designed by Prestige Global Designs, this spacious penthouse is created from two abutting units. The result is an extended cosy nook for the homeowners to soak in the prolific views of the neighbourhood. Layered shades of brown create a mellow ambience, while green accent cushions add a bright pop of colour.

Besides adding a dash of greenery to the balcony, the large outdoor plants also double as a divider for privacy outside the daughter’s bedroom that is accessible from the main balcony. 

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Create a vacation vibe

Create a slice of paradise at home by incorporating an idyllic, holiday atmosphere to your balcony. This outdoor balcony by Studio Nidhi Jain delivers an inviting atmosphere with comfortable furnishings and plenty of plants. The outdoor rattan furniture adds texture and warmth whilst emanating a tropical vacation vibe. The cosy outdoor seating is perfect as a breakfast spot, an afternoon siesta, or for a gathering with friends. 

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A balcony for entertaining and play time

Designed by Park + Associates, the floor of this balcony is draped in a canopy of grass. The lush verdure provides the look and feel of outdoor nature to the urban balcony, located on the second storey of the home. The rambling open-air balcony offers extra space for the family's young children to explore and play, while their parents can entertain guests.

Glass doors that segment the living room and the balcony enable the family to lounge comfortably in the living space during sweltering or rainy days, and can be seamlessly retracted on cooler days to allow them to enjoy the fresh air from the balcony. 

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