Bring the breezy, relaxed vibe of glamorous resorts into your home. Angela Lim, director of SuMisura, discusses its appeal and the myriad ways to incorporate it in any interior

Coastal-style interiors continue to be popular because it’s a look that’s comfortable, effortless and down to earth. Our tropical city is an ideal canvas for this style, as our climate encourages us to keep our windows open and take in the greenery and fresh air.
Key elements of coastal-style decor include distressed timber walls, blue-and-white striped furnishings, natural materials, lush textures of natural fibres such as linens and woven fabrics and tropical indoor plants. It also incorporates features inspired by sailing traditions such as nautical ropes and knotting details used widely on large ships. 

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The first step to incorporating this style is through your choice of flooring. I recommend using timber strips—timber looks cosy and warm in any setting and it pairs well with coastal-style homes. It can be laid in a staggered manner, done in a Chevron cut or in a herringbone style for a more interesting look. Tiles are another great option: they are waterproof and allow for easy cleaning, plus they come in many shapes, colours, patterns and sizes. The numerous options available allows the floor to be a blank canvas to exude your creativity. 
Another easy way to bring this look into your home is through your choice of colour. Use earthy tones such as shades of brown, as well as colours inspired by nature including a cloud-like white, as well as teal, sky blue and shades of muted green reminiscent of lake and grass.

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When it comes to the material palette, the coastal-style interior can include a mixture of rattan, bamboo, solid weathered or white-washed timber, linen, cotton, woven rugs and natural fibres. Furniture pieces should exude comfort as the first order of priority.

Certain accent pieces can add interest to any coastal interiors. These can include a hammock, a rattan swing chair, or a stump of petrified wood as a side table. Bespoke details such as nautical prints, knotting and patterns on cushions and throws complete this coastal-inspired look. Big scented candles with nature-inspired fragrances will help create the perfect atmosphere; pair these with a cluster of big and small glass lanterns.
Artworks that stay true to the coastal theme include seashells and landscapes, with porcelain vases in shades of blue that will really crystallise this style. Be sure to include area rugs or carpets made of jute or sisal, which connect the indoors with the outdoors. These rugs are low on maintenance and look great in any space.
Angela Lim is the director of SuMisura; visit for more information. 

This story was adapted from Singapore Tatler Homes April-May 2019