Cover Luxurious marble and fluid proportions characterise Akar de Nissim’s Tribute dining table and Society dining chairs

Distinctive designs, unique materials and expert craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the collections from Singapore-based brand Akar de Nissim

One look at the furniture designs of Akar de Nissim, and the word “sophistication” immediately comes to mind. Their pieces are a well-balanced combination of the brand’s French roots with Eastern elements.

“This balance is a harmonious marriage of different halves, derived from ‘yin’ (European) and ‘yang’ (Asian) elements that are each with its own presence, and at the same time, are melodious together,” says Jasmine Ng, chief operating officer (COO) of the company.

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Since taking over the company about two years ago, the pianist-turned-businesswoman has ensured this “melody” is intertwined with the finest codes of craftsmanship and production standards. Ng and her team in Vietnam, where the products are crafted, ensure these standards are never compromised; the brand shares the same factory that produces goods for one of the most coveted luxury fashion houses in the world.

According to Ng, the focus on creations made with prized materials, which also showcases excellence in craftsmanship, exudes a sense of discreet wealth. This was one of the biggest draws for Ng even before she came on board, as it fits right in with her own design sensibilities.

“A home should be a sanctuary; a part of our inner selves,” she says. “It is important to curate one’s space to his or her own character, using the right instruments. These include creativity, bespoke service, availability of materials, and the right skills to cater to and bring to life such specific details. I’m pleased that Akar de Nissim is able to offer all of these to our clients.” Here, Ng shares more about the brand—its concept, designs, processes and future plans. 

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How would you describe the collections of Akar de Nissim in a nutshell?
Jasmine Ng (JN)
They are conservative, yet distinct, and the products are extremely well made. The creations remain non-ostentatious, so when placed in a living space, the pieces are discreet and minimal, and at the same time, luxurious and unique. It is also very easy to maintain the furniture because of the quality.

What kind of influences would one see in the designs?
Akar de Nissim designs are inspired by nature, architecture, art and culture. For example, there are elements of Chinese heritage evident in the Opium daybed. Several of our lighting pieces and consoles were created with influences from the Art Deco style. We are always trying to subtly include relevant trends in our timeless designs, using brushed brass as accent elements.

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What has been your main focus since taking over?
Our team has prioritised quality and craftsmanship in our products. Under new management, we have engaged a new production team in Vietnam specialising in woodwork and lacquering, using know-how that was handed down from generations before. It is not our intention to churn out a new collection every season. We choose to focus on high standards and good workmanship in our products, and it has been encouraging to receive positive feedback from clients, which is important. Every exchange with clients is a means to learn how to maintain what we are doing, and yet do better. 

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Tell us more about the lacquer work, which is a signature of the brand.
All of our lacquered products have eight to 10 layers of varnish to ensure deep colour saturation as well as proper resistance to heat. They are hand-polished to achieve the utmost shine and smoothness. We also use exotic materials, such as Tahiti mother-of-pearl shells, which are handcrafted by select artisans into exquisite creations. 

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This story was adapted from the August-September issue of Tatler Homes; the e-version is available with our compliments on Magzter