Cover Hong Kong actor and singer Shawn Yue, pictured in his studio in Taiwan

Get a peek into Hong Kong actor and singer Shawn Yue’s studio in Taiwan—he gives a video tour of this stylish office as part of the debut episode of his YouTube channel

Additional reporting by Allison Chen

After acting for nearly two decades, Hong Kong actor and singer Shawn Yue has now turned his attention to another role—that of a content creator, for his very own YouTube channel, Inside Out.

For his video channel's first episode, the actor gives a tour of his stylish studio in Taipei, which features a tasteful array of modern furnishings as well as a stunning selection of contemporary art.

“I’ve played many roles in my acting career during the last two decades,” says Yue, who spoke in Chinese in the video. “This time, I want to be myself… I’ve always had in mind many subjects to photograph, be it fashion styling, the making of these clothing, as well as my other interests, be it watches or camping.” The actor, who turns 40 next month, saw the channel as a means of charting a new personal and professional milestone.

Yue, who married former Taiwanese actress-model Sarah Wang in a low-key wedding in Melbourne in December 2017, has been based in Taiwan since the early start of the pandemic with his family. The couple also recently celebrated the birth of their second child this August.

The actor's studio is designed to be simple and spacious, and also features a bedroom on the first floor, as well as a bar area and dining space on the second story; the latter also serves as an informal meeting room, although the actor admits to being the only person in the studio, “90 per cent of the time”.

Among the highlights of his abode is his art collection; these include works by American contemporary artists George Condo and Futura. Yue also reveals that he has also recently purchased NFTs, while pondering on the investment value of these pieces in the video.

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The actor also shared a rare glimpse of family life with his children; he's pictured playing with his two-year-old son, Cody, in the video as well.

Watch the video below to get decor ideas from his stylish studio:

Above Get a video tour of Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue's stylish studio in Taiwan
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