Watch how digital tools can turn your bathroom into a truly personalised sanctuary

“Elements of good design are very personal—it’s about the experiences you create, whether as a designer or a homeowner,” shares Jennifer Murray, design director of The I.D. Dept. It’s a belief that holds true for all projects from the firm, which is part of
The Mill, a design consortium founded by Roy Teo.

The next step for the practice: to integrate digital tools into their projects. As demonstrated at the GROHE SPA Flagship Store, this tech-savvy approach can soon pave the way to a bathroom more attuned to your needs, to make it a truly personalised sanctuary. 

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Above The Shower configurator features an augmented reality experience that recreates your personalised shower area in 3D

As part of a collaborative series with Singapore Tatler Homes and GROHE, the designer explored the flagship store in Singapore, while discussing the creative possibilities that these digital tools can provide.

Located at Shaw Centre, the first floor of the two-storey space is equipped with experience zones such as the Shower configurator, which comprises a virtual-reality booth where visitors can customise a shower area and see it recreated in 3D.

Another game-changing tool CustoMy Space, provides endless ways in which designers and homeowners alike can personalise their bathroom concepts. 

This digital tool recreates the bathroom concept in 3D, to help homeowners to better understand the visual details of their bathroom design, as they work with designers to realise their dream bathroom.

Real-time changes to the design details, such as the choice of faucets and tiles, can be made almost instantly, to give the owners a fuller picture of how these finer details can shape their bathroom concept.

“I find it’s really important to our industry that we can actually bring clients to the space and showcase the products within a 3D aspect,” shares Murray, on her experience with the digital tools at the showroom.

“When you bring homeowners here, they can actually see all the elements in place without having to visualise it themselves. So it’s a great tool for all designers to have and really emphasises how things can be put together.”

“It’s a great tool for all designers to have and really emphasises how things can be put together”

The designer firmly believes in the creative possibilities that digital tools can provide: “Digital tools have been quite an important aspect recently because we feel that technology is coming together within all industries, and we really have to embrace it as a design culture and to really design it within part of the furniture.”

“I think it’s really exciting because this is the future, and this is what’s happening,” she adds.

Watch as she shares more in the video below...

Above Follow a day in the lives of three inspiring individuals through this special series by GROHE and Singapore Tatler Homes—we track a designer’s creative process, while offering a glimpse into the lives of a fashionista and a fitness enthusiast. Here, Jennifer Murray of the I.D. Dept discusses the future of bathroom design and how you can curate a personalised space that's truly uniquely yours.

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GROHE SPA Flagship Store is located at 1 Scotts Road, #01-04/05 Shaw Centre,
Tel: 6311 3622

Creative Direction: Hong Xinying and Elizabeth Lee
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Photography: Jasper Yu, assisted by Tan Ming Yuan, with art direction by Khairul Ali
Shot on location at GROHE SPA flagship store

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