Who better to come clean about their experiences with the new Styler by LG Electronics than fashionistas Fanty Soenardy and Yenny Then? Our ladies tell it like it is.


Yenny Then and Fanty Soenardy.

The refrain, “the laundry isn’t going to clean itself” is no longer relevant, thanks to the innovative minds behind the new Styler by LG Electronics.

This slim and sleek machine boasts self-steaming and self-sanitising functions, which eliminate more than 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria on clothing. It does this via the Moving Hanger feature, which gently shakes clothing 180 times per minute, and works alongside the brand’s TrueSteam technology to remove creases and eliminate unpleasant food, smoke and sweat odours.

The LG Styler has a gentle dry-cleaning function that launders clothing without causing shrinkage or damage thanks to the low temperature drying system. While regular drying takes up to 12 hours, this feature achieves the same results in an hour. Another notable feature is the Easy Pants Crease Care, which does the work of a hot iron to smooth out wrinkles on men’s trousers, without the manual labour.

Fashionistas Fanty Soenardy and Yenny Then, proud new owners of the LG Styler, share their verdicts.


“When I came home from my recent vacation, I realised that all my cashmere sweaters smelled like Korean barbecue. I’ve always sent my winter wear for dry-cleaning, but this time, I decided to give my new LG Styler a try because I always forget to pick up my clothes from the dry-cleaners. Dry-cleaning usually takes a week, but 30min was all it took for the LG Styler to refresh my clothes. My sweaters look cleaner after and they were very soft and comfortable to wear. The warmth on the clothing after cleaning tells me that the machine effectively killed any germs and odour that were left behind. I also use the LG Styler to freshen my jackets and windbreakers that have been stored in my closet for a long time. Less than an hour later, the mouldy smells are gone. Since then, I’ve put all my clothes in the LG Styler whenever I want them to feel fresh instantly — my Chanel tweed jackets, my Hermès silk tops, you name it.” Fanty Soenardy


“The best thing about my LG Styler is that it gives me the freedom and flexibility to wear whatever I want, whenever I want to wear it. I no longer have to rush the dry‑cleaners if I want to wear my Louis Vuitton skirt tomorrow or my cocktail dress this weekend. Instead, I pop it in the machine in the morning, have breakfast with my husband, or do my make-up before an evening event, and then the clothing is ready to wear. The floral scent the steam leaves on my clothes is refreshing and all the wrinkles are gone too. I was told that this machine doesn’t completely replace dry-cleaning services, but it prolongs the need to send my clothing to be cleaned professionally. I used to make three to four trips to the dry-cleaners every week, but I haven’t gone at all in the last month. To be honest, I have become so reliant on the LG Styler that I’ve been using it every other day. I love it!” Yenny Then

Photography: Lionel Lai/Acepix
Hair and Make-up: Adelene Siow/Paletteinc

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