Ways to decorate your bedroom just like how a luxury hotel does.

One of the best things about checking into a luxury hotel is knowing that you have everything you need at hand—a work station, an entertainment zone, storage spaces, a proper bathroom, dressing areas and a mini lounge with bar.

However, such amenities need not be confined to the realm of travel. With some careful planning, you can bring the holistic convenience and comfort of a hotel pad into your very own bedroom. Here are some ideas to help you replicate the comfort of a hotel in your own home.

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Sweet Dreams 

Tuck yourself into a sleek, streamlined bed that feels like a cosy nook in the wall. Conceived by Italian designer Luca Nichetto and manufactured by De La Espada for the Nichetto brand, the Dubois Nichetto is a bed system constructed out of premium hardwood and luxurious fabrics. The upholstered wraparound headboard, available in tall or short options, creates a sense of privacy, while the exposed timber frame lends a light, Scandinavian appeal. Built-in side shelves offer a simpler, more compact alternative to bedside tables. 


Brilliant Take

A thoroughly modern, glamorous crystal chandelier, Scotty by Windfall is a majestic ceiling lamp made with thousands of Swarovski Strass jewellery stones, encapsulated within mouth-blown borosilicate glass tubes. Available in 40 different colours, and in a choice of either a minimalist futuristic design or an ornate baroque design, Scotty brings the glamour of a five-star hotel into your bedroom.

Available in Singapore at Windfall Asia.

Drink And Preen

Transformable pieces such as Armani Casa's Antoinette coiffeuse, help minimise clutter in your room, with its compact and multi-functional design. The seat and mirror of this furniture piece can be tucked away when not in use, transforming it instantly into an elegant cylindrical side table.


Down To Business

Created by US industrial designer Todd Bracher, the Distil Desk by Herman Miller helps you bring your work into the bedroom without allowing it to dominate your resting space—or your mind. By refining the idea of a workstation to its bare minimum with a moulded plywood top, eased edges, slim solid-wood legs, and discreet solutions for wires and storage, this approachable and lightweight work/study desk helps you distil your tasks and put “business” in the right place.

Available in Singapore at Xtra.

Dress To Impress 

An important component for a holistic bedroom is a wardrobe or walk-in closet with good circulation and plenty of well-organised racks, shelves and drawers for clothes, shoes and accessories. The Combi system wardrobes and walk-in closets by German brand Zalf offer high modularity with excellent engineering—so getting dressed is never a chore; it’s always a pleasure.


Bedazzled Beauty

One of the best things about hotel-style bedrooms is that they’re always great for hunkering down to watch the morning news or a movie. Why not place your TV and its related electronics in a storage system that’s just as attention-grabbing even when the set isn’t on? Shaped like a multi-faceted gem, the Diamond Sideboard by Portuguese brand Boca Do Lobo—available in amethyst, emerald and chocolate, with gold leaf interiors—brings a sensual, cosmopolitan allure to any bedroom.


Lounging Around 

When checking into the presidential suite at a hotel, guests can expect a lounge area where they can meet with clients or simply unwind with a book away from their sleeping zone. Create a similar chic miniature living lounge in your bedroom with Christopher Guy’s scalloped-back, Art Deco-inspired Iribe two-seat settee and armchairs, combined with his sensual, curvy Parisian Graffiti coffee table (pictured) with its tempered glass top.

Available in Singapore at Christopher Guy.

Bright Ideas

The Chipperfield w102 desk lamp, created by British designer David Chipperfield for Swedish brand Wästberg, is a classy, mid-century-inspired brass lamp with a clear angular distinction between the base, single arm and lamp head. Shaped like a single bent brass rod, the lamp has no visible joints, but it has a head that tilts for task illumination exactly where it is needed.


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