Give your kitchen a much-needed makeover with items that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also useful

Now that we find ourselves cooking and baking more often, it's the perfect time to invest in new cookware and kitchen tools. Find your personal style and unleash your inner chef with these seven staple tools to step-up your cooking and dining game: 

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Bone China

If you are looking for a sign to get that classic and timeless china you have been eyeing for a while, well this is it. Bone china is more durable than other kinds of porcelain and is thinner, smoother-looking and lighter. They are also less opaque than regular china, thanks to the bone ash that is incorporated in the mixture to produce the plates.

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Cast Iron Cookwares

Cast iron cookware is seeing an increased following this year and for good reason! Cast iron is very sturdy and can last for decades. Plus, unlike the usual nonstick pans that use Teflon coating, cast iron pans do not chip easily, thus remaining nonstick for a longer period of time. They also come in vibrant colours, so there is an array for you to choose from!

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Cooking Utensils

Have you been seeing pastel-coloured silicone cooking utensil sets all over social media? Aren't they simply adorable? From baby pink to sky blue and mint green, utensils need not be boring. Additionally, these silicone-tipped kitchen tools won't damage your nonstick pots and pans and are very much easy to clean.

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Glass Mugs

For coffee-lovers and tea-drinkers, having the perfect mug is imperative. Clear glass mugs are all abuzz these days with their sleek and minimalist design. Pair it with a glass straw for a coordinated look.

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Travel Cups

Having your own water bottle or travel cup these days is highly important. It's safe, practical and sustainable. There are so many kinds to choose from such as glass travel mugs, bamboo tumblers, steel insulated bottles and even collapsible ones. 

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Wineglasses largely affect the overall drinking experience. Aside from presentation, wine connoisseurs can attest that the properties of glassware–from the size of its mouth, length of its stem, thickness and the kind of glass it is made of—play a significant role in enjoying and appreciating wine. Of course, the drinker's preference is also important when it comes to selecting the right kind of stemware. 

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Mason Jars

Pantry organisation is a big key in giving your kitchen a makeover. Instead of keeping your flour, sugar, spices and other ingredients in their original packaging, why not secure them in jars? They are neat to look at, airtight and convenient. Want to start pickling fruits? Perhaps whipping up a batch of salad dressing? Or maybe making your own infused liquors? Whatever it is you are trying to make, jars always come in handy. 

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