Just because you use your kitchen appliances for quotidian tasks, does not mean they need to look banal. Opt instead for these design-led small kitchen appliances that will class up any kitchen counter.

1. Smeg 50's Style

We all know the iconic Smeg fridge whose '50s styling, smooth curves and attractive colours take any kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary. Did you know the fridge also comes with matching appliances evoking the unmistakeable shapes and feel of said decade? Designed by Matteo Bazzicalupo and  Raffaella Mangiarotti from deepdesign, the range includes kettles, toasters, blenders and coffee machines—each piece exquisitely detailed with gleaming mirrored trims, chrome details, softly rounded levers and knobs and emblazoned with the Smeg logo.

Available at kitchshop.my

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2. Casa Bugatti Vela Evolution

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Leave it to the Italians to imbue the humble kitchen appliance with sex appeal. Casa Bugatti's sleek Vela range boasts superior engineering (not unlike the car brand of the same name although Casa Bugatti has no affiliation) and features just so placed lines and details. Usually realised in metal, the Vela Evolution collection is given an extra touch of glamour when encased in leather. Crafted by skilful artisans, each appliance in this series is hand made to order, so that no two pieces are the same. 

Available at Kitchen Spain

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3. Russell Hobbs Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot

Take two beloved brands which are as English as tea and crumpets and you'll get the Russell Hobbs and Emma Bridgewater range. Russell Hobbs is a British manufacturer of domestic appliances since the '50s while Stoke-based Emma Bridgewater has been making pottery for over a quarter of a century. The collaboration fuses the best of functionality and aesthetics in a toaster and kettle range sporting Emma Bridgewater's distinctive polka dot design. Charming and very chic, the pair are perfectly suited to prepare said tea and crumpets. 

Available at Emma Bridgewater

4. Hay Sowden

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Designed by no less then one of the founders of the Memphis Movement, the Sowden range has all the movement's hallmarks with its distinctive family of colour combinations. English by birth, George Sowden, moved to Milan to work with Ettore Sottsass and Olivetti, and became one of the founders of the Memphis Group in the 1980s. Sowden continues to work in Milan and his Sowden range for Hay features toasters and kettles designed to be durable in plastic and stainless steel with statement-making stylings.

Available at Smuk

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5. Alessi Plissé

Inspired by the pleated fabric beloved by designers like Issey Miyake, Alessi's Plissé range lives up to its high fashion pedigree with a sculptural collection. Designed by Michele De Lucchi, the Italian architect references the timeless fashion of the '50s and '60s to lend the items their beguiling sense of elegance. The range includes electric kettles, blenders, toasters, juicers and blenders, all featuring dynamic silhouettes that appear like sculptural objects on the kitchen counter. Made from high tech thermo resin, the family comes in red, white, black, and gray colour ways. 

Available at Goxip

6. Stelton Emma

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Simple and elegant, the Emma collection from Stelton personifies all the hallmarks of Danish Modern. The award winning range comprises of appliances and tableware and is designed by local duo, HolmbäckNordentoft. Looking like kitchen appliances that would pass muster on the pages of Kinfolk, the electric kettles and toasters feature soothing tone-in-tone colour palettes, namely black, chalk, pale gray, charcoal gray, light blue and electric blue. Combine this with lacquered metal with beechwood details and you could well have new design classics for everyday life

Available at Goxip

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