Can't seem to keep a houseplant alive? Don't worry! We've made a list of plants that are not only easy to maintain, but also look gorgeous in any home or office!

Plants get a bad rep for being a bit high-maintenance, especially, if you don’t particularly have a green thumb. Fear not! These plants won’t take too much of your time and attention and will surely help you start your own urban jungle.

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Sansevieria is tough to kill. Typically tall and stiff, the snake plant is probably the easiest to maintain with it being able to go without water for a maximum of a month. It doesn’t need direct sunlight either, so it can deal with living in office spaces or the like. For proper care, make sure it has access to indirect sunlight and its soil, watered once a week.

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From the name itself, this plant doesn’t require soil to grow. All an airplant needs is water-dunking for a couple of hours every ten days. They can be used as table displays as they are small and typically low-maintenance.

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This plant doesn’t require much watering, once a week is the perfect amount. This large-leafed beauty can easily amplify your interiors. It prefers low light, so you don’t have to keep it too close to any windows. There’s a lot of philodendron species, mostly endemic in Mexico, Brazil, and the West Indies — make sure to canvas and find one that fits your style and aesthetic.

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Highly-coveted for its green, pink/ purple leaves, the calathea is a colourful addition to any room. Like most plants on this list, it is best displayed away from direct sunlight. Go light on the water and find a beautiful pot to complement this vibrant plant.

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Succulents are easy to maintain and will effortlessly beautify any space. Especially with the recent popularity of DIY terrariums, succulents can be found just around the corner. They can be grown indoors, depending on the type. Make sure you get one that suits your lifestyle and space.