While not as fickle as fashion, interior design is still attentive to trends and the collective consciousness that they emerge from. We explore five of the best design directions—which just so happen to be the easiest to implement—to emerge from the first interiors show of the year, IMM Cologne. See also: 5 Ways To Organise Your Home For A Decluttered 2018

1. Pure and simple

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Above Photo: far design/koelnmesse

In the same way luxury has evolved over the past decade to signify an honest and authentic approach to craftsmanship over flashy embellishments, so too have interiors become simpler and more refined. A maturation of the ubiquitous Scandinavian style, for 2018 we can expect to see the spaces we inhabit exhibit a sense of clarity and orderliness.

At the heart of this movement is curation—appointments and objects that are there for a reason, selected for their enduring appeal and purity of form—and the aim is to create an environment which acts as a refuge for the senses, in the hope of mastering a life flooded with information and stimuli. 

Do it yourself: Pair functional workshop chairs with a minimal side table, like the Cecile Manz-designed Airy by Muuto, for beautifully practical surrounds.

2. Boho chic

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Above Photo: Alexander Schneider/koelnmesse

If paring back isn't for you, then perhaps the lived-in, luxe take on boho chic is. The antithesis of glossy or contrived, this look rewards freedom of expression and a more mix-and-match approach to decoration—in fact, all rules are out of the window.

Try fusing Mid-Century pieces with ethnic fabrics acquired from around the world or place a chalkware lamp on a vintage rattan side table—the possibilities are endless and a clash of patterns, textures and materials is welcome. 

Do it yourself: This look can be easily achieved at home, however, it's best to start with a light touch and build from there. Patterned accent cushions are a great way to add a bit of boho to your home, or, if you're feeling adventurous, try a handwoven kilim rug.

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3. Modern classics

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Above Photo: far.design/koelnmesse

Scandinavian silhouettes and authenticity of materials inform the modern classic approach to furnishing, which celebrates connoisseurship over earthly value. Solid wood takes the lead role, with support from complementary elements such as stone, wool, wicker, leather and metal.

The prevalence for complete sets of appointments is also demoted, placing the emphasis instead on collected, singular pieces that exhibit an architectural rigour and appeal. 

Do it yourself: Items such as the Nihan chair and Golden Nugget side table by Dutch brand Pode exude effortless modern classicism.

4. Go green

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Above Photo: far.design/koelnmesse

Living with greenery has a scientifically proven positive effect on our psychological and emotional well-being, and for 2018, this means not just verdant hues but an abundance of plants too.

Reflecting a greater environmental awareness across the interior design industry, appointments with a sustainable source are preferred, while flora that has an impact on the indoor climate and air quality serves a practical, as well as aesthetic, purpose. 

Do it yourself: Select outdoor furniture that highlights the kaleidoscope of greens found in nature, such as on the Sebastian Herkner-designed Circo dining chair and side table for AMES, and dress up with flowers and plants galore.

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5. Material world

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Above Photo: Andreas Körner/koelnmesse

Despite its inherently intimate status, over the past few years, the bathroom has become more and more style conscious, and there's no better way to make an aesthetic statement of intent than through the use of marble.

At once elegant and long-lasting—making it intrinsically sustainable too—expect marble to transform the home's most private space into one that's worth flaunting. 

Do it yourself: Marble is an investment worth making as it stands the test of time, both in terms of durability and immortal style. Plus, it will make you feel like you're indulging in spa-like levels of luxury. 

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