Cover Photo: Ibride

Here are 5 ways to incorporate the fringe trend into your home

The fringe is back in style. The use of this embellishment has evolved over the years from being a functional detail for Native Americans, a fashion staple for flappers, and to being a trendy statement in Hollywood in 1969. It didn't take long until fringe was finally used as adornment for furniture pieces. Fringes and tassels will add a luxurious touch to your home. According to Edward A Goodman of Scalamandre in New York in an interview, trims have always been seen as a sign of prestige during the 1600s.

So if you're looking to add a tad bit of glam into your home, check out these fringe design inspirations:

Glamorous fringe stool and chair

What better way to incorporate fringe into your home than placing a stool with bright-coloured tassels? A statement piece like the Margaret Chair from the Mark Bumgarner x Moss Home Collection can definitely liven up any space.

Luxurious fringe chandelier

A sophisticated lighting piece can add flair to any room. This makes a fringe chandelier a great addition to your home. Should you aim to find a unique piece, be sure to find lighting furniture that veers away from typical designs.

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Comfortable fringe pillow covers

Cushion covers with fringes are a good addition to your home. Like these Ice Shard Cushion Covers from Creative Definitions, the design isn't too bold nor too pale. This makes the covers blend in with the other pieces at home. 

Minimalist fringe table runners

Do you prefer a minimalist style over bold designs? Not all fringe pieces have to have long tassels. Try styling your table with the Bonita Alloy fringe runner. The runner has short fringes and available in neutral colours.

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Cabinet with fringes

Some prefer their kitchen cabinets with doors, while others prefer cabinets with silky fringes for doors. The Baby Alpaga cabinet is an Ibride design that is elegant and intimate. This unique piece would look amazing when placed beside mid-century design.