From sustainable seafood to free water sources, Hong Kong eco-warriors recommend their top eco apps

1. Richard Ekkebus

Director of Culinary Operations and Food & Beverage at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental

With more than 70 percent of the world’s commercial marine fish stocks fully exploited or over-fished, we’re especially committed to only sourcing sustainably.

There are three apps I use in my kitchen when making menus to understand which fish or seafood should or should not be on our menu: Seafood Guide by WWF Hong Kong, Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide and the Seafood guide by Marine Conservation Society.

Download the app here

2. Yolanda Choy-Tang

Co-founder of Eco Drive, Central Weddings and Vera Wang Bridal 

The Water for Free app is an excellent resource for when I’m running around town and need a place to refill my water bottle, usually at Canteen at Princes building or at McDonalds in Admiralty. I also carry a recyclable tote around with a food container, extra plastic bags and a reusable drinking bottle.  You’ll be amazed how much plastic you can save by carrying this handy bag around!

Download the app here

3. Laurel Chor

Conservationist and Founder of the Hong Kong Explorers Initiative

When it comes to eating seafood, Hong Kong eats a lot—in fact, we are the eight biggest consumers of seafood in the world! A massive percentage of that seafood comes from unsustainable sources. The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch app is a good resource I use to make sure I’m making sustainable choices and minimising my impact on the environment.

Download the app here

4. Daryl Ng

Deputy Chairman of Sino Group

Like many developed cities Hong Kong is in dire need of outside-of-the-box urban solutions; two we’re working on are the city air purification system, which won gold at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva and works to purify air in open space; and an in-building hydropower system to generate hydroelectricity using unused water head in pipelines that reduces up to 700 kg of carbon dioxide emission each year (that’s equivalent to about 30 trees).

5. Jaclyn Tsang

Senior account director at Karla Otto

I get much of my inspiration from the eco-conscious advocates I follow on Instagram who always have amazing hacks to share, such as @livekindlyco and @plantbasednews for their plant-based meal ideas, who does reviews of sustainable products; and, who deserves a shout-out for leading the charge in promoting zero-waste awareness and opportunities within the local community.

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