Liven up your home with these luxuriously-designed pieces from French furniture brand Gautier. Who doesn't want balance between versatility, structure, and style when it comes to their key home items? A piece of furniture in itself is meant to be functional, but it can also be artistically done and beautifully designed. Browse through our list to get a glimpse of some gorgeous items that will surely add effortless sophistication to your household:

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Go for a modern console table

This beautifully designed console table is a perfect additon to any room. Its simple look will surely be versatile for those who need a utilitarian piece that is stylish and outstanding. 

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Liven up your living room

The Addict Series brings you some fashionable pieces that are unique yet offer a minimalist vibe -- this way, you get to brighten up any room but offer an unexpected twist -- creating an inimitable look. 

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Homey yet adaptable

This bed is designed to be flexible to your child's needs and comfort with its utilitarian design. Create a comfortable bedroom environment with a unique bed that will adapt to ever-changing needs. 

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Welcome your guests in style

When choosing a sofa to round-out your living room, you must keep in mind that it will be home to many moments and guests alike -- making it an essential centrepiece in your home. Go for one that best represents your style and your prefered comfort level and size. 

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Create lasting moments during meals

Every meal is an easy get-together option for a family. Liven up your dinners with a beautifully designed table and chairs to match. Add a pop of colour to your gatherings with Gautier's Edito chairs that give a mod look, creating a warm yet stylish feel to the room. Pair them with the Smart table to get a dining space that is effortlessly chic. 

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Go for pieces that have more than one use

This Estrella Sofabed gives you or your visiting guests multiple comfort options. Without forsaking style, you get the best of both worlds. Lounge or catch up on some z's in this luxurious sofabed. 

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Go Modern & Sleek

Modernise your living room with this Liberta sofa -- simple yet chic all at the same time. You can never go wrong with a classic piece; you can opt to liven it up with a matching rug or an equally contemporary coffee table. 

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Get things done with an adaptable side table

For the person who's always on-the-go, this Peps side table will surely take the edge off from multitasking. Not only does it look sleek, it offers features that are perfect for the busy bee in you. With wheels underneath your can easily transport this reliable workspace with ease. Its gadget dock and matching lamp are perfect for those who work well into the night. 

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A bedframe fit for royalty

This Premium bedframe from Gautier offers you a sleek, chic, and incredibly stylish addition to your bedroom. Make sure you begin and end your day in a well-curated room. 

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Pair contemporary with colourful

Another dinner table option form Gautier is this Setis ceramic table with aluminum legs. Offering a sturdy and sleek look to your meals, this dining centrepiece is perfect for those looking for a minimalist vibe. Pair this with colourful chairs to offset its simplicity against more artsy pieces -- creating a well-rounded dinner atmostphere that is neither boring nor too much. 

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Take the modular concept to heart

The Talmont swivel mirror is a great piece for a home that might be lacking in space but not in style. In one turn, the full-length mirror will open up to a cabinet that can store clothes and other small items.

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Level up the living room

If sitting by the telly is how you prefer you enjoy your meals, you might want to make it as comfortable and clean as possible. This centre table can store random knick knacks in its pigeonholes, while still having space on the surface for whatever you might want to put on it.

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