Cover Interior designer Peter Tay, featured in the living area of the V-ZUG showroom in Singapore

Reflective elements are a recurring motif in the works of celebrity interior designer Peter Tay. See how he integrates these mirrored surfaces into the design of the V-ZUG showroom

The celebrated homegrown interior designer Peter Tay certainly knows more than a thing or two about designing a glamorous space. Over the years, he has crafted beautiful abodes of stars including Zhang Ziyi, Wang Leehom, Zoe Tay and many more.

His showroom design for Swiss brand V-ZUG is no different. It conveys his elegant creative philosophy through the prominent use of reflective surfaces, which he considers as his signature design element.

So it seemed particularly fitting that the V-ZUG appliances also feature a mirrored surface that complements Tay's approach to interior design. “In all my work, I use reflections because I feel that reflections are able to increase the spatial quality of an interior; reflections create the added dimension that I was looking for,” he says. “The entrance has a reflective ceiling that draws one's vision not just from the front of the showroom but to the back as well.”

Watch the video below:

Above Peter Tay, interior designer to the stars, discusses the showroom design of V-ZUG showroom in Scotts Square, Singapore.

The interior designer also selected a darker material palette for the showroom to complement the sleek look of the appliances from V-ZUG; these include the treated steel handles that were custom-made for the newly-launched and ultra luxurious Supreme freezers and refridgerators, as well as the prominent use of dark wood and marble throughout the space.

The designer also skillfully created a layered look throughout the showroom, with a layout subtly inspired by an actual home—it includes a cosy living area, a culinary space, sleek cabinetry fitted with V-ZUG kitchen appliances, as well as a fabric care room that's equipped with the brand's star product, the RefreshButler