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Modularity Home's general manager Brian Hontiveros and personalities, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Nix Alañon talk about why we should pamper ourselves with a functional and elegant kitchen!

In this episode of Tatler Talks, Brian Hontiveros of Modularity Home is joined by lovers of good food and design, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Nix Alañon. Hosted by our very own Stephanie Zubiri, the topic centres on the heart of the home—the kitchen.

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Off the bat, Stephanie and Cat expressed their enthusiasm for Scavolini, revealing that their kitchens are made by Scavolini, which Steph described as "highly customisable". Cat also admitted that she loves the ventilation in her kitchen which was also made by Scavolini. "Ventilation is crucial," she imparted.

Even the newest kitchen models from the brand seem to have the same quality. However, the new models boast impressive features that many are looking for today.

Considering that many people have been spending more time at home and have developed a newfound interest in cooking and baking, Scavolini's kitchen models just might be what these people need to truly enjoy their time in the kitchen.

The brand also works with fashion designers and chefs apart from architects when it comes to creating a new line. Brian shared how Scavolini partnered with Chef Carlo Cracco to create the MIA kitchen, where features like a stainless steel countertop, sliding countertop on top of the sink, and the line system where the herbs can be stored are added. The model caters to both those who love cooking and have recently learned their way around the kitchen.

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A kitchen model for those who value design than functionality is also available, which Tessa also appreciates. "I don't cook... I'm really more [interested] in the aesthetics, I'm into finishes, I'm into colour, and like in life, I'm into accessories!" Tessa said. Fortunately, the Formalia kitchen, according to Brian, is "geared towards lifestyle". He added, "[The model] has a display area. The island doesn't really look like a regular kitchen island... [and] it's easy to clean under".

The guests also discussed how one can maximise function and style. Nix shared how he would always begin with a working kitchen plan. "It's a triangle between the sink, the fridge and the stove. So as long as you have that settled, then... you can think about the lifestyle of the [kitchen user]."

Cat, who recently started cooking, believes that it's also important to consider storage and workspace. "Sometimes [people] underestimate the amount of space that they need to prepare stuff," she said. As someone who has been spending more time in the kitchen, Cat also suggests that there has to be enough space for people to congregate in the kitchen so others can cook without being interrupted.

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Ultimately, what makes a kitchen better than any other is the kind that you can call your own. Like Steph, you can leave pour yourself a glass of wine while cooking to destress. You may even listen to online tutorials like Cat to guide you through new recipes. However you do it, what's important is you get to enjoy each second spent in your kitchen. 

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