Cover A shot from the cover story of Tatler Homes December 2020, the 15th anniversary issue

Chronicling inspiring abodes in Asia and beyond for over a decade, Tatler Homes Singapore is proud to mark its 15th year with this anniversary issue

Since its inception in November 2005, Tatler Homes Singapore has charted the latest decor trends and work of homegrown firms, both the projects by emerging talents and industry veterans alike. This year, the bi-monthly magazine proudly celebrates its first quindecennial, with a focus on our personality-driven stories on interior design, furnishings, and architecture.

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The look of the title has gradually evolved to match the zeitgeist, as reflected in the homes that we have profiled. Remember the years when Balinese-inspired spaces were in hot demand in Singapore during the noughties? Or the period when the lofty, industrial-style aesthetic became mainstream in the early 2010s, before the Nordic influences gradually took over, bringing in calming, Scandi-chic elements into our homes.

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Some abodes even became prescient of the trends to come, featuring interiors that look as timeless as the moment when they were first completed. Regardless of the styles in vogue, art continues to play an important role, imbuing spaces with personality and character. Layering is as crucial—a studied mix of rugs, upholstery fabrics and various decorative elements help add that important tactile dimension to a space, making it feel cosy and comforting.

While decor trends continue to change seasonally, the worlds of architecture and interior design ultimately seek longevity. Through the years, we’ve profiled the work of architects and designers who make the transformation effortless. To craft spaces that stand the test of time, these spatial designers constantly act as creative seers, anticipating the ways that our changing lifestyles will be reflected in the design of our abodes.

It takes a team to realise each project; we’ve also profiled artisans and fabricators who help realise the creative vision of the design team. Altogether, their stunning work set a high bar in terms of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. The annual Tatler Design Awards is the embodiment of our continuous support of the local design scene. Every year, we honour notable projects in Singapore by home-grown firms as well as international practices. Launched as a physical event in 2017, the awards ceremony will be celebrating its fifth edition in 2021.

This April, we featured a new look for the magazine; the design refresh stays true to the overarching ethos of the publication and its role as arbiter of the most powerful, influential and stylish tastemakers in the fields of design and architecture. The first major revamp for the title in five years, this magazine’s visual transformation takes cues from the refined editorial direction of Tatler Asia.

Whatever the prevailing tastes of the time, some things still stay the same—we all desire a home to call our own. We hope the following pages will inspire you to embark on your next interior makeover with confidence and gusto.

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