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Vote for your favourite project online in these four Readers' Choice categories at the Tatler Design Awards 2021—here are the nominees for the Best Luxury Concept

Since its inception, the Tatler Design Awards has celebrated the brightest minds in the local design scene as well as the most innovative projects undertaken in Singapore.

Now into its fifth year, the winners will be announced in April 2021; the Tatler Design Awards 2021 is sponsored by Arova, Aureo Gallery, Boxx Euro, Gaggenau, HafaryMM Galleri, Okamura, Roche Bobois and Spin.

Vote for your favourite project for the Readers' Choice categories; the voting period will run from now until January 25, 2021. Here, we present the nominees for the Best Luxury Concept:


A love of futuristic elements grounded by the traditional practice of feng shui inspired a home that is uniquely tailored for a family of three in northern Singapore. The principal designer for the interior design project, Sean Hafiz of ArchLuxe, admits the inclusion of feng shui requirements was initially challenging. “At first it might seem like the different feng shui elements could clash and we had to really consider how we could combine them together,” says the designer. 

Home to a family of three, the couple’s feng shui considerations favoured curves, which led to a reconfiguration of the three-bedroom apartment as the layout was initially more angular. Interestingly, the initial brief from the young couple also emphasised a modern, science fiction-inspired aesthetic that the team incorporated into the overall design. “The curves are also inspired by the silhouette of a spaceship, but we made the final look more homely and elegant,” adds the designer.

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E&A Interiors

A studied mix of patterns and textures come together beautifully in the family home of Evangeline Tan and Clive Lee. The couple live in the 2,500sqft penthouse apartment with their two daughters; they looked to the firm to craft a dream abode that marries mid-century elements with an elegant yet unfussy aesthetic.

“The clients wanted an understated sense of luxury with Californian-inspired touches, layered with neutral tones and luxurious finishes to create a polished look,” shares Elkerton. “This was realised by combining materials such as linen with brass, wood, marble and rattan for a pared-down yet sophisticated feel.”

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MOW Interior

Combining understated Scandinavian influences with opulent details, this stylish apartment designed by MOW Interior is a beautiful unity of contrasting elements. 

The clients’ initial design brief was an amalgamation of two styles that occupy different ends of the style spectrum. The Singaporean wife loves the Scandinavian style by way of Australian sensibilities; she adores a mix of pastels, warm-toned wood and breezy, open spaces. The Indonesian husband is a fan of baroque opulence—think crystal chandeliers and gilded carvings. “Our challenge was to create something both clients could be happy with,” says Shermaine Ong, co-founder of MOW Interior. The firm paired a restrained material palette with statement fixtures and furniture pieces for a happy middle ground. 

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Prestige Global Designs

Combining two penthouses into one not only doubles the panoramic views, but also creates ample room for everyone to pursue their passions. “We wanted every corner of the home to be eye-catching and unique, while conveying a consistent design scheme,” says Jeremy Tay, co-founder of Prestige Global Designs, the firm which took charge of this project.

This particular penthouse in Singapore is unique in that it combines two abutting units. The entrance is located at the larger five-bedroom unit, whose living area is kept intact. An opening in an adjoining wall connects the two units. To enhance functionality, the designers removed one bedroom to create a larger living area, and turned another into the master bedroom’s walk-in wardrobe. The firm also enlarged the son’s bedroom by removing the ensuite bathroom. In the smaller two-bedroom unit, there is now a guest room and entertainment area for accommodating lively children during gatherings.

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Summerhaus D'zign

Local studio Summerhaus D’zign was tasked to give this three-generation home a luxurious interior that is also inviting and conducive for gatherings. The design firm also had to work within the framework of the project’s existing finishes and structure, such as the flooring and the location of air-conditioning units. “Any additions and decorations had to match the existing features that came with the house,” says Lim.

The design team employed a diverse mix of stainless steel, travertine, wood, quartz, tinted mirrors, wallpaper and special effects paint to fashion a cohesive whole in the 4,500sqft property. Altogether, stunning areas such as the home bar, as well as gilded finishes and other custom-made furnishings add up to create a dream home.

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The voting period has ended. The results will be announced in April at the Tatler Design Awards 2021 and in the April print issue of Tatler Homes Singapore.