Vote for your favourite project in the new Readers’ Choice categories, launched as part of the upcoming Tatler Design Awards 2020

The Tatler Design Awards aims to place the spotlight on luxury residential projects by local architecture and design firms while celebrating the achievements of these homegrown practices. These stellar projects showcase the ingenuity of these creative talents; our Design Project of the Year and Best Showroom accolades will also honour notable commercial projects and developments in Singapore.

Now into its fourth edition, the annual event by Singapore Tatler Homes will include for the first time, three categories as part of a new Readers’ Choice segment. The winning entries will be partially decided by popular vote; a panel of jury members will also contribute to the selection of winners.

Ahead of the awards ceremony that will be held in February 2020, we unveil the shortlisted entries for the Best Living Room. Envisioned as a conducive space for both socialising and relaxation, the living room also conveys the visual essence of the interior scheme, as evident in these six projects; nominees in the running for this category are KNQ Associates, Minimo, Mr Shopper Studio, Prestige Global Designs and Upstairs_.

The other two categories are the Best Bespoke Concept and the Best Luxury Concept.

The winners will be announced in the February 2020 issue of Singapore Tatler Homes; online voting will close on November 11. Scroll through the nominated entries here and vote for your favourite project in the form below:


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Family Oasis by KNQ Associates

KNQ Associates transformed this spacious semi-detached house into an inviting retreat filled with entertainment facilities for a multi-generational family. From concrete screed to high-gloss marble finishes, the designers took pains to put together a good mix of polished and raw finishes, as well as both elegant and edgy detailing. The result is a home that not only serves the needs of the family, but also looks great.

(More details here: Family Oasis by KNQ Associates)

Braddell Home by Minimo

A husband’s desire to realise the most memorable abode for his wife’s birthday led him back in time to her childhood home, a semi-detached dwelling in the Braddell district. The owner wanted a bespoke home to match the couple’s entertaining habits, such that they would be able to host frequent house parties. On the first level, the home is organised as a collection of living spaces. While the spaces are not separated by actual walls, the designers play up the large grey columns, heavy rugs and dark-toned materials to visually anchor each area.

(More details here: Braddell Home by Minimo)

Pastel Au Luxe by Mr Shopper Studio

This three-room apartment stands out for its lyrical use of curve, line and shade—with delightful results. The designers took inspiration from the colourful work of Mexican architect Luis Barragán, while combining it with the minimalist aesthetic of John Pawson. The living room’s feature wall captures one’s eye, with the television placed within an arched cutout against a lined pink wall. Pastel hues, curved lines and soft furniture can be found in every part of the home, creating a unique environment that inspires curiosity. 

(More details here: Pastel Au Luxe by Mr Shopper Studio)

Coco Palms Apartment by Prestige Global Designs

Besides a fuss-free, brightly lit interior that was also easy on the eye, the clients were looking for ideas on how to maximise the space by making good use of the bay windows in the bedrooms; the owners also wanted earthy tones that adhere to fengshui principles. And the interior design firm did not disappoint, delivering tasteful touches that raised this project to a new level of practicality and elegance. In the living area, a wall feature in beige and brown tones, accentuated by soft lighting, is flanked by mirrors to add to the effect of light and spaciousness.

(More details here: Coco Palms Apartment by Prestige Global Designs)

View at Kismis by Sujonohun

To let owners envision returning to a calming haven at View at Kismis after a busy day, the developers asked Sujono Lim, Molina Hun and Yanika Gunawan of Sujonohun to expand on the concept of “residence in a valley” for their showflats, while bringing out the essence of a modern Tuscan theme. The striking design scheme celebrates the rustic charm of its vineyard inspiration, while keeping the overall feel contemporary to appeal to a wide range of future homeowners. The spaces are a spatial medley with textures and colours evocative of pine trees, vines, burgundy grapes and cellar oak.

(More details here: View at Kismis by Sujonohun)

The Ryokan Modern by Upstairs_

The owners had a short and precise brief for the designers—they wanted “a modern Ryokan, with Scandinavian touches”. To achieve this, the firm reconfigured the layout of this spacious apartment, creating a levitating plinth at the entrance for the lounge as well as a tatami platform. Combining plasterwork, wild oak grains, and handcrafted timbers and clay roof tiles, the material palette also addresses its cross-cultural influences; Japanese-style motifs are also a nod to its Asian influence.

(More details here: The Modern Ryokan by Upstairs_)

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