Cover British designer Lee Broom pictured in the living room of his New York penthouse, which was featured as the April cover story of Tatler Homes Singapore (Photo: Courtesy of Lee Broom)

Be it enchanting floral designs or minimalist wonders, these lighting designers are illuminating the world with their beautiful collections

Lighting often has a huge role in interiors. Not only does it have the ability to set the ambience in a room, well-designed lighting pieces can also elevate the aesthetics of a room and form an artistic statement within the space. The field of lighting design is ever innovative, with lighting designers illuminating interiors and spaces around the world through their trailblazing designs. 

Here, we gather some of the most remarkable lighting designers that are currently in the field. With these designers’ creative concepts and exceptional craftsmanship, the future of the lighting design industry is certainly bright.

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Michael Anastassiades

Cypriot-born, London-based designer Michael Anastassiades’ lighting pieces have a timeless quality to them. The renowned lighting designer, who was named the Maison & Objet Designer of the Year in 2020, made his mark with the notable Mobile chandelier.

The lighting piece, which entices one with its minimalist form, has expanded since its first interaction and grown into a unique collection with 16 varying versions. Each either features a linear angular structure or slender curves. Whilst the lighting fixtures are simple in form, they make a striking visual statement with creative silhouettes.

The award-winning designer, who trained as a civil engineer in college, also innovatively integrates his engineering background into his lighting collections. Integrating the best of both form and function, the designer creatively weaves technology features such as motion sensors into his designs to produce innovative lights. Just like the Mobile lighting series, Anastassiades’ other innovative lighting collections also feature minimalist geometric forms.  

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Lee Broom

Award-winning British designer Lee Broom is known for his creative lighting designs that often feature a contemporary and unexpected edge. The design darling founded his namesake design label in 2007; since then, he has crafted a multitude of iconic lighting and furniture pieces and has collaborated with many global luxury brands such as Christian Louboutin, Mulberry, Bergdorf Goodman and Wedgwood.

Many of the pieces created by the designer draws on his theatre school and fashion design background. Broom’s trademark lies in his ability to create a deft balance between both classic elegance and modern glamour for his pieces.

Famous designs by Broom include the Orion collection, which comprises of modular lights that are expertly connected through polished gold spheres and tubes to create bespoke constellations, as well as the Eclipse lighting series, which features mirror-polished acrylic discs that dissect and interact with each other uniquely. Both collections are available locally in Singapore via Space Furniture.

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Eny Lee Parker

Eny Lee Parker adeptly mixes the best of ceramic and lighting design to produce sculptural lighting pieces that make a chic design statement. Using clay as her main medium, the ceramicist and lighting designer meticulously handcrafts each of her playful lamps.

The Brazilian-born Korean designer launched her studio while she was in graduate school. Her creative pieces soon garnered traction on social media for their organic shapes that boast an artistic flair, and the designer quickly found herself counting celebrities like Elsa Hosk as her clientele; the designer is currently based in New York. 

Among her most popular designs is the Oo lamp, which experiments with scale in ceramics. The two-globe lighting piece, available as a table lamp or a floor lamp, features glass light bulbs that float above a sturdy hand-crafted ceramic base.

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Jeremy Cole

Lighting designer Jeremy Cole has been immersed in the world of design since he was four. The New Zealand-born, London-based ceramicist and designer is known for his distinguished pieces that explore the relationship between ceramics and light. Having produced lighting products for renowned brands like Harry Winston, Bulgari, and Cadillac, each handmade piece is noted to be meticulously crafted with intricate details. 

The designer’s eye-catching designs are focused on the beauty of flora and fauna. Inspired by nature from his native country, the floral lighting sculptures feature Cole’s exemplary skill at marrying artisanal craftsmanship with contemporary forms. The Oriental Lily, his latest lighting piece released this year, is one such example with its beautiful porcelain leaves that are intentionally crafted for even light distribution.

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Lindsey Adelman

American lighting designer Lindsey Adelman is known for her distinctive lighting pieces that embody a sculptural-like quality. In 2006, the designer founded her eponymous studio that’s currently based in New York.

The first lighting piece produced by the studio—an iconic hand-blown glass chandelier named the Branching Bubble—gained admiration and praise; the piece quickly formed the basis of the studio’s signature aesthetic and design ethos, which is to produce unique boundary-challenging designs that are crafted innovatively from varying materials. 

Other popular designs by Adelman include the Bulb Drop System chandelier where light bulbs are intricately suspended on a series of brass tubes, as well as the Cherry Bomb series, which features the designer’s glamorous spin on cherry branches. Her latest collection, Paradise, was inspired by a bracelet. Designed to have a sense of spontaneity, the series of sculptural chandeliers, as well as wall and pendant lighting feature textured lighting orbs connected by pins and clusters of curb chains and metal fringes.

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Andreea Braescu

Andreea Braescu breathes life into space with her breathtaking lighting designs. The Romanian designer is known for working exclusively with porcelain and fine-bone china, a notoriously difficult material to weld. The bespoke lighting sculptures that Braescu creates are found in numerous interior spaces, which includes hotels, private residences, and exhibits such as the Holiday House in New York City.

Based in her studio in Bucharest, Romania, the talented designer intricately handcrafts each lighting piece into a work of art. Her first lighting collection, termed the Ginkgo Collection, is inspired by the leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba. Each delicate porcelain leaf captures the dynamic nature of the flower petals with their artistic form; these individual pieces are then connected together into a large installation to convey a whimsical and serene atmosphere.

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Gabriel Scott

Founded by Canadian brothers-in-law Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler, Gabriel Scott’s distinguished lighting pieces are easily recognisable with their ​​bold and geometric silhouettes. The established design studio, based in Montreal, displays its unique signature style through stunning lighting fixtures that emphasise the beauty of materials. While Kakon has since departed from the brand, Scott continues to lead the team to design exquisite pieces. 

The studio’s latest collection, Luna Kaleido, is part of the brand’s most popular Luna lighting range. Similar to the rest of Gabriel Scott’s collections, the Luna collection embodies a jewellery-like influence to it, owing to Richler’s background in jewellery design.

Playing with texture, colour, and shape to distort light through the mouth-blown glass, the Luna series of light pieces creates a soft mesmerising glow in homes. The contemporary form of the fixtures highlights the studio’s expertise in creating timelessly chic designs.