Using Gaggenau appliances, design studio Sujonohun imagines a luxurious concept inspired by the motif of travel

Gaggenau’s illustrious history started with a spark—the appliance brand began as a hammer mill and nail forge in Gaggenau, Germany. During the 19th century, the focus on metalworks progressively shifted to the production of farm machinery, followed by a specialisation in oven enamel, which later contributed to the success of its stoves.

In 1956, the German brand marked another milestone with its built-in appliances; the predecessors of the stylish range it now carries. Influenced by the Bauhaus axiom of “form follows function”, the manufacturer produces appliances that combine streamlined design with state-of-the-art functions. Today, many restaurants and homes around the world use Gaggenau appliances within their kitchens; products that celebrate the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

We challenge three studios to create kitchen concepts inspired by the brand’s storied history and minimalist design; here, design studio Sujonohun integrates verdant foliage into the kitchen to turn it into the visual centrepiece of the home.

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For Sujono Lim and Molina Hun, each new project is an opportunity to craft a transformative experience through design and space. The co-founders of Sujonohun observe that kitchens may not often become the focal point of an apartment, particularly when one considers the size of modern homes in Singapore. “The kitchen is often at the end or by the side of the main highlight, the living room or dining room,” they explain.

Thus when they approached the design of this luxury kitchen for a bachelor’s apartment, they decided to elevate the kitchen into the “heart of a home” with a travel-inspired concept that integrates an indoor garden into the kitchen.

The starting point of their project was the decision to craft an outward-facing kitchen island. The island is clad in gunmetal stainless steel, a finish selected to complement the sleek look of the built-in Gaggenau appliances, which include an oven, hob and microwave.

The streamlined look highlights the sophisticated lines and linear precision of the kitchen products. “Gaggenau has some of the most beautifully engineered and sophisticated appliances in the market,” say the designers. “They excite us as designers, and at the same time make our job easier when we plan for the design.” The sleek stone countertop is matched with dark-wood cabinetry, which houses the fridge and oven.

At the centre of the kitchen island are lush green foliage—this includes an herb garden and fresh produce, which can be harvested for everyday use. This edible garden not only holds the entire kitchen together, but also celebrates the free-spirited way of living that defines the nomadic life of an itinerant traveller.

The design concept also features antique leather trunks, as an ode to wanderlust. At both ends of the kitchen, antique trunks which house the coffee machine and wine chiller serve as a functional yet flexible structure. “We liked the humour of portraying the appliances as being on-the-move, rugged and hard-wearing,” explain the designers.

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*All kitchen concepts pictured are for illustrative purposes; kindly contact Gaggenau for installation advice

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