Cover Pierre Frey Draw Me a Wall! wallpaper collection

Create a joyous mood in your home with accent pieces in fun forms, sprightly shades and lovely textures

Quirky and fun, the latest collections of retro-inspired decor pieces truly spark joy—from unconventionally shaped ottomans to vibrant-hued upholstery. Up the ante with bauble-like pendant lights and trinket holders bound to add a sprinkle of magic and circus-like whimsy to your home.

If you are still present shopping this Christmas, be rest assured, especially since there is something here for everyone with the stylish medley of homeware designs that bring good vibes to any abode. Ahead, here are nine of our favourite pieces guaranteed to enchant and delight any space.

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1. Rubelli Second Firing upholstery fabric by Peter Marino

Available at Altfield Interiors

2. Please Wait to be Seated Proxima lamps by Meike Harde

Available at Cult Design

3. Surface bed cover

Available at Hermès

4. Merengue poufs by Campana Brothers

Available at Louis Vuitton

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5. Draw Me a Wall! wallpaper collection

Available at Pierre Frey

6. Sancal Loop pouf by Raw Color

Available at Grafunkt 

7. Vista Alegre Futurismo collection

Available at

8. Hands-shaped trinket tray with Maison de l’Amour print

Available at Gucci

9. 34 Boulevard Saint Germain perfumed soap

Available at Diptyque

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