Discover the key qualities that make communities by Rockwell Horizontals ideal places to live and build a home in

Considering the increased interest in plants and biophilic design for the past few months — which peaked during the pandemic — Rockwell Land continues to offer an exclusive nature-filled community for homebuyers who want to reside in Laguna, Batangas, and Cebu. And in the near future, Rockwell will have one of their horizontal communities constructed in Bacolod.

Although Rockwell is renowned for its vertical homes around Metro Manila, Rockwell is now evolving by offering a natural environment within wide-open spaces found in their horizontal communities. This nature-filled environment is good for those who want to improve their health. Studies have shown that residing in a natural environment lessens a person's effort in paying attention to various things which relaxes the mind. Apart from this, the aerosols that a person inhales, cause spikes in NH levels — the kind that fights tumours and infections. These are only some of the benefits anyone can get to improve their health.

Just imagine being away from a loud, busy city, walking out to get enough vitamin D to stroll outdoors, or meditate as you hear the waves crashing — these are only some of the benefits you can get from living in one of Rockwell's horizontal community.

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Rockwell Land's Rockwell South at Carmelray is the first exclusive gated community in Calamba, Laguna. It currently holds two clusters after its successful launch in September 2019. Families can freely build their homes with copious lot offers and spend leisure time at recreational parks. One glimpse at the entrance will have you feeling lax amidst its vast greenery. 

At Terreno South, the development in Lipa, Batangas, each resident can step out of their front door and enjoy a serene atmosphere, betwixt the trees that stand beside each house. Amenities are also accessible which also brings convenience in the lives of Rockwell's residents. Since Phase 1 was launched in October 2018, other lots are already being sold in phase 2 before Phase 3 launches in 2021.

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A luxurious tropical lifestyle awaits you in The Villas at Aruga in Aruga Resort and Residences - Mactan. If you happen to acquire one of their limited villas in this residential resort, you'll be able to stand and gaze at the beach, which is only three metres away. You'll also find yourself situated in a location where you can easily go sailing or snorkelling.

Soon, Rockwell will provide homebuyers in Bacolod a distinct lifestyle that will keep them close to nature.

Living within Rockwell's horizontal communities gives its residents a combination of rustic and high-end feels without having to completely ditch the urban city. Plus, you'll finally have more time to enjoy the scenery and all the health benefits you can get while living in a nature-filled community.

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