Cover The Shutter House, designed by State of Kin (Photography: Jack Lovel & Sophie Pearce)

There’s nothing quite like the serene sight of water, lapping by the poolside—and what better way to complete the resort-style look of your dream home, than with a pool?

This story was updated on 20 May

Travelling for leisure is currently still impossible for many, due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. Whilst relaxing by the beach on a tropical island still remains a dream for the time being, you can still aspire to introduce a relaxing resort vibe into your home.

Besides serving as a refreshing escape from the heat and humidity, incorporating a swimming pool in your home seems like the ultimate luxury if it can channel the serene atmosphere of a luxury resort right in your backyard oasis. From sleek lap pools to meandering lagoon-like visions, be inspired by the sights of these stylish waterside retreats.

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House of Harmony by RT+Q

This multigenerational abode’s pool embraces waterfront living, linking its three wings—the parents’ abode enjoys the best views of the pool from the second floor, while lush foliage nearby adds to its tranquil setting.

Designed by RT+Q, this home celebrates familial bonding with its interconnected social spaces, while providing intimate abodes for the families of two sisters and their parents. This Nordic-inspired abode was also featured in the October-November 2017 issue of Singapore Tatler Homes.

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Leedon Park project by Tellus Design and Design Basis

This generously sized pool is an oasis of calm that surrounds the home’s two wings, which follows a H-plan layout; an elegant garden, wood cladding on the deck and facade complement the resort-style concept of this home. Architect Loh Er Pau of Tellus Design and interior designer Tay Hiang Liang of Design Basis worked together on this project, to create this cohesive visual connectivity from the indoors to outdoors. 

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Detached house by Md.Ma Design Consultants

The pavilion-style concept of this Singapore home takes cues from a Bali resort the homeowners had visited, at the recommendation of Tsok Wui Chong, from Md.Ma Design Consultants. Led by Tsok, the design team crafted an open plan layout with pavilions that extend out to water courtyards, which form part of the pool that runs the length of the house.

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Nautical nuances

The palette-shaped pool of this home echoes its nautical theme, where wave-like shapes and other oceanic motifs hark to its marine inspiration. A circular sunken lounge at its heart carves out a cosy space for the family and guests. Design director Terri Tan of Designworx Interior Consultant worked closely with architect Betsy Lau of East 9 Architects and Planners to realise this nautical-inspired abode.

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Contemporary opulence

This lap pool runs along the living and dining area on the second floor, creating a serene contrast to the abode’s handsome interior within, as crafted by Renaissance Planners and Designers. The floor-to-ceiling glass panels of the abode optimises views of the pool, which can also be viewed from the entertainment lounge (as seen above) on the ground floor.

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Nature’s influence

The lines between indoor and outdoor spaces are blurred in this home that’s also designed by Designworx Interior Consultant. Inspired by the exuberance of the surrounding natural leafage, the resort-style house forms a U-shape structure around the inviting pool that is readily accessible for the homeowners to take a refreshing dip anytime.

“When we first visited the house, we were taken in by the spectacular greenery surrounding the cerulean pool,” says Tan. “We were mindful of keeping the transition between the inside and outside as seamless as possible.”

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Breezy getaway

This outdoor pool in a Cape Town home is exactly what swimming dreams are made of. The epitome of an idyllic retreat, the pool boasts a bird’s eye view of the glittering oceanfront.

A glamorous take on resort lidos, the circular off-shutter concrete pool pavilion houses a sunken bar that makes partying by the pool all too easy. Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens Architects and Interiors (SRLC) worked closely together with architect firm Peerutin Architects to realise this outdoor haven.

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Idiosyncratic isle

This stylish sanctuary is incredibly alluring; it brings forth images of spending a lazy afternoon lounging by the poolside, reading in the sun with an icy cold drink in hand. Located in Perth, Australia, the pool terrace designed by Australian firm State of Kin gives a glimpse into the private retreat. Playing with textures and shapes, the design firm created a contemporary mix with tiles and wooden influences.

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Vacation vibes

Nicknamed “Cove House”, the pool in this 4,036sqft abode is fringed with prolific greenery. Towering trees provide shade, whilst the steel trellis that encloses a hovering statement spiral staircase causes captivating shadow play throughout the day. The work of Tan Cher Ming from Ming Architects, the outdoor pool is a serene escape that the homeowners appreciate.  

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Outdoor oasis

This relaxing outdoor pool allows the homeowners to bask in serene tranquillity. Set amidst Brazil’s tropical climate, the modern home is harmoniously designed by Studio MK27 and Galeria Arquitetos. Lush foliage surrounds the pool, complete with natural elements and towering trees. You can practically feed the island breeze here.

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