Find out if you're practising these 3 ways to help the environment

The things you do at home can greatly impact the environment. Beyond using reusable containers, going paperless, and refusing to use plastic — there are other simple ways to live an ecologically sustainable lifestyle and fight climate change at the same time. It's never too late to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. What matters is if you're taking one step or more towards that goal.

Choose Furniture Pieces That Are Timeless

By this time, people have realised that a house is more than a structure that provides shelter — it is a home. There's now a larger demand for furniture that matches their personality other than comfort. But these days, style and comfort is not the only priority, it is also sustainability. These are little efforts that can make a lasting difference to our planet, so make sure you find furniture that serves all three: style, comfort, and sustainability.

Like Artek's Stool 60 designed by Alvar Aalto, you can live sustainably by using this impressive piece as a seat, table, storage unit, or even as a surface. You can also save space and display the Stool 60 as it looks unique with a timeless design (and available in various colours) when stacked together. Aside from that, its manufacturer offers secondhand products to further promote "conscious consumption".

Use Solar Panels At Home

As a country that often gets shaken by typhoons, it's important to always be prepared. With accessible technology like solar panels, you'll be safer even after the clouds have cleared up and the power lines get cut. But apart from solar panels serving as emergency alternatives for electricity, it's the most sustainable way to get power as it naturally comes from the sun. It is non-pollutant and emits clean energy — making it a good way to insert into your new sustainable lifestyle.

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Have An Energy-Efficient Appliance

No doubt, we all have been using almost every appliance at home. It's not just because we all have been staying safe at home but because we also need our devices to stay busy or to keep working. Keeping ourselves cosy and comfortable is not a bad thing — only when it's putting our environment at risk. Next time you buy a new addition to your house, consider appliances that save energy. It does not only save you a few pounds or pesos, but it also saves the planet as energy-saving appliances reduce toxic fumes.

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