Cover The vintage Murano glass chandelier hanging from this bedroom adds an elegant touch to the pink space (Photo: Greg Natale)

Alluring and pleasing to the eye, millennial pink is still going strong. Peruse these stunning rooms that use this Instagram-friendly blush shade in the interiors.

Since the term "millennial pink" was first coined, the pastel hue has become somewhat of a phenomenon—used prolifically in homeware goods as well as in interior design. I suppose we have Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel to thank for shining the spotlight on this crowd-pleasing hue.  

Perhaps part of its popularity can be attributed to hunt for colours that soothe. The relaxing hue does bring to mind an idyllic holiday in Marrakech, Morocco, where the capital city has earned the moniker as a 'red-rose city’. The versatility of the popular shade is also a hit in interior spaces—depending on its application, it can serve as an anchor neutral (if you're not into beige) or be utilised to create a bold and daring interior. 

Below, we highlight some inspirational rooms that feature the flattering shade in a variety of ways. As evidenced by these rooms, the popularity of millennial pink is not going anywhere.

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1. Make a statement with pink

Curved lines and pastel pink can be found in almost every part of this home designed by Mr Shopper Studio. Inspired by a combination of Mexican architect Luis Barragán’s colourful work alongside John Pawson’s minimalist aesthetic, the design firm created cheerful splashes of pink throughout the apartment. 

The living room features a lined pink feature wall with an arched cutout where the television is displayed. The kitchen island is decked in the same hue, while the dining room and its bench seating is upholstered in a blush velvet shade. In order not to detract from the delicate colour, the design team furnished the rest of the house with muted shades of grey and white.

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2. Mix and match

A pastel pink shade is perfect for the home office. It does not only add a touch of vibrance to the workspace but also creates a calm environment that’s easy on the eyes. This study, crafted by Hong Kong-based interior firm Lim+Lu, tastefully combines the millennial-pink walls with patterned ceramic tiles. Decorative accents add on to the room’s contemporary and glamorous flair. 

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3. Use a wallpaper to add vibrance

Multidisciplinary designer Sarah Sherman Samuel covered this guest bedroom in a wallpaper that features a gemstone-like print. The dynamic pink wallpaper she designed makes for a clever alternative to simply wrapping walls in plain pink paint. It pairs beautifully with other elements such as the brass accents, white furnishings, and geometric patterns. 

4. Pair pink with texture

This stylish ensuite master bathroom is a visual extension of the rest of the home’s cosy interior. Designed by Dawid Augustyn, this home in Cape Town, South Africa exudes a comforting ambience that’s expressed with soft furnishings and a muted colour scheme. The solid pink shade in the master bathroom is juxtaposed with flecked granite for an eclectic contrast. 

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5. A whimsical twist on pink

Designed by award-winning Australian designer Greg Natale, this art deco-inspired home in Sydney features a blush pink palette that marks a distinctive and tasteful interior. “Pink has always been one of my favourite colours,” says Natale, on the project. 

“The fun with this house was really demonstrating how a pink interior need not be off-putting or draw comparisons to Barbie.” To do so, Natale set about wrapping the walls of the living room, dining room, and kitchen in a soft pink hue. He then carefully layered each space with matching accents in the form of cushions and artworks. The result is an elevated take on the serene shade that forms a soft and inviting home for a family of five.

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6. Create a monochromatic space with texture

Crafted by renowned American designer Kelly Wearstler, the interiors of the Santa Monica Proper hotel flaunt a sophisticated and luxurious aura. The guest bathroom in the hotel is a tribute to pink. Enveloped in a rosy pink hue, the space features various textural elements—from the marble sink to the wall tiles behind the mirror—which adds visual interest to the monochromatic colour scheme.   

7. Use a vibrant mixture of cool and warm tones

Designed by local interior firm Sujonohun, this modern abode is peppered with decorative elements in subtle shades of pink throughout. The cabinets in the dry kitchen sport a glossy pink finish, forming a visual connection to elements in the connected living room. Here, the open-plan space integrates the shade into the design with an eye-catching feature wall that draws the eye to a lively mix of varying tones of pink. 

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