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British interior designer Kelly Hoppen launches her new book with tried and tested home design tips that combine concepts from the East and West

The name Kelly Hoppen equates to neutral tones, clean lines and a subtle blend of interesting textures that, when put together, bring out her signature East-meets-West style. For more than four decades, she and her talented team have created a portfolio of multi-faceted couture interiors, advising clients on every aspect and detail of a project. This year, the designer releases a new book titled, Kelly Hoppen’s Essential Style Solutions for Every Home, where she shares her wealth of professional know-how and cost-cutting suggestions. With over 200 images carefully curated by a world-renowned design guru, this book promises easy-to-follow hacks and solutions that can work for every home. Tatler chats with Hoppen to ask her about practical home-styling tips.

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Above Kelly Hoppen

What are the top three important things to consider when styling a home?

For me, the home is first and foremost, about how you live in the space before you start the design and the zoning. Then styling a home is about what feeling you want to create. It is then about choosing items and creating mood boards and living with these before making decisions.

How do you select a colour theme? Any tips on matching/pairing colours?

I love neutrals so it always starts with this base and selecting all hard finishes first before anything else.The layering of these and drawing up the architecture is key before you start. I love to mix neutrals in many tones to create different looks and incorporate different textures.

How important are textures? Any tips in using textures?

It is so important and one of my signatures for years, not only soft but hard textures like marble stone, metals and woods, cut and laid in different ways.

Any tips on lighting? How do we choose the right one for a room?

Lighting is critical and can make or break a room so architectural lighting should be designed first, followed by accent lighting when choosing furniture.

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Above Book cover of "Kelly Hoppen's Essential Style Solutions for Every Home"

Any tips for maximising small spaces?

It is important to use the space efficiently. The storage is key and finding furniture which incorporates storage can be helpful.

What does feng shui do to a room or space?

Feng shui is all about the energy and the natural flow of a space. I have used experts for years and it has taken years for me to learn. I have been told that feng shui comes naturally to me.

How do you practice feng shui in these modern days?

Many of my clients use masters and we work according to their drawings, but many just trust my insights.

What are the basic elements one can incorporate in the living space to ensure balance and good flow of energy?

Where you place furniture is key to allowing air flow and energy. Use natural light and always use crystals to balance negative energy.

Where can one get home ideas and inspirations?

My books! Also, you can get ideas from all over Pinterest, magazines, books, travel and music.

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