Cover Nema workshop penthouse living room at K11 Artus (Photo: Courtesy of K11 Artus)

Residents find inspiration at luxury serviced home K11 Artus, where art and life blend seamlessly, and new cultural journeys are curated with the launch of the Artist in Residence programme

Art inspires us in many ways: it brings colour and creativity to our lives, and empowers us with its beauty, helping us understand the world around us.

Standing immediately above Hong Kong’s iconic harbour, K11 Artus is a prime serviced residence that forms part of Victoria Dockside.

Combining the international creative powers of award-winning architect Kohn Pedersen Fox and acclaimed designers André Fu, Fiona Barratt, Joyce Wang and Nemaworkshop, the esteemed residence offers modern city-dwellers an elevated lifestyle bolstered by highly functional designs that are pleasing to both the eye and the soul. 

In the hopes of encouraging residents to further express their own artistic flair, K11 Artus recently debuted Artist in Residence—joining forces with local filmmaker Man Lim Chung, writer and illustrator Sophia Hotung, and figurative artist Brendan Fitzpatrick—a programme designed to showcase how the resident artists immerse themselves in a thought-provoking environment, and find unique inspiration for their latest creations.


As Asia’s first “Art Home”, where inspired residents find the serenity to curate their own lifestyles and experiences, K11 Artus offers an exclusive, one-on-one art tour in collaboration with K11 Craft & Guild Foundation. During this enlightening experience, residents will learn about fast-disappearing Chinese crafts that date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

K11 Artus is committed to continuing the journey of cultural discovery it began when it first started three years ago. By encouraging a quest for exploration, the design-led home away from home continues to celebrate the many ways in which art gives life meaning.

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