Cover A pair of teal high back Liberty armchairs by Bessa Designs adds a pop of colour that draws the eye in Prestige Global Designs' showroom lobby

Step away from cookie-cutter interiors and consider one of these standout styles by Prestige Global Designs the next time your home needs a refresh

An interior makeover can do a lot to lift a space and the spirits of those who inhabit it. If your home is looking a little tired—and whose isn’t, after we’ve all spent the past two years staying in and staring at the same four walls—it may be time for a home makeover. Here are three projects by Prestige Global Designs that may get the creative juices flowing for your own space.

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1. Have a little fun

For a pair of avid travellers who wanted a constant sense of adventure, Prestige Global Designs transformed a 2,347sqft Principal Garden condominium into a playground for unexpected colour combinations and touches of drama.

“The homeowners are well-travelled people, so they did not want to be constrained to just one style, but wanted their home to look interesting with different areas and pockets of surprises installed,” explains Tay, one half of the duo behind the interior design studio.

Given free rein to get creative, Tay and his co-founder and business partner, Michael Ong, came up with a bold design that combines different textures, patterns, and contrasting colours such as pink, teal, yellow and red.

In the living area, a leather Hermès sofa sits on a zebra-print carpet, its pattern echoed by the wallpaper, which has vertical black and white stripes. The kitchen and dining areas, which have been combined with the living area into one big open-plan space, feature teal cabinetry and matching teal dining seats. The real scene-stealer, however, is definitely the Gucci wallpaper behind the dining table showing herons and dragonflies on a bright pink background.

The zoological theme continues in the powder room, where a wallpaper with koi fish—in teal to continue the colour scheme in the dining area—is used above glossy royal blue tiles. The boldest use of colour is perhaps in the young daughter’s bathroom, where red, blue, and pink tiles have been used to form a geometric design on the wall and the countertop is a coral pink quartz.

2. Get it down in black and white

We all love the clarity of black and white, but in life, it’s necessary to embrace the grey sometimes. This was the philosophy taken in the design of this 5,000sqft strata home, which was led by the new owners’ strong preference for the colour black.

“The design was drawn mainly from the clients’ preference for the colour,” confirms Tay. “We wanted to adhere to their preference, but balance it with tones of grey and white. Monochromatic schemes can be very interesting if done tastefully.”

To achieve their vision, Tay and Ong combined different types of black and grey marble and granite to create variations in textures and levels of shine. Glossy metals and mirrors also accentuate black silhouettes.

Punches of colour are injected through accent cushions and artworks to give a lift to the monochromatic theme. The clients’ extensive collection of brightly hued Bearbrick and Kaws statues, Supreme items and Louis Vuitton trunks certainly doesn’t hurt. Full height glass sliding doors that skirt the living area let in natural light and add a sense of airiness to the space, while the clients’ collection of bonsai plants add greenery.

3. Electric Eclectic

The more the merrier, seems to be the adage at Prestige Global Designs’ shophouse office cum showroom at Robertson Quay. Here, Tay and Ong have managed to combine contemporary, art deco, chinoiserie and tropical influences, and make them all work together. “Our creative philosophy is not to limit ourselves to any specific style,” says Tay.

Art deco style dominates in the lobby, expressed mainly through geometric trims that decorate a wall and frame an arched doorway and windows. Made from bamboo, the detailing simultaneously adds a touch of chinoiserie chic. Here is also where the duo has demonstrated how bold colours can be used together with a purple Roche Bobois Bubble sofa, a couple of teal high back Liberty armchairs from Bessa Designs, and a grass green artificial lawn that runs down the centre of the room.

Follow the lawn and one is led to the indoor courtyard, which is double height and flooded with natural light. A vertical garden that forms a feature wall and three giant ceiling fans from local company SPIN create a tropical-inspired space where guests can sit back, relax, and discuss renovation plans with Tay and Ong.

The meeting room is the perfect example of a multi-use space; it doubles up as a walk-in wardrobe showroom, demonstrating to clients not just the possibilities they could have with customised storage, but also how they can add more functionality to their own spaces at home.

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