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Quality over quantity is the motto of new minimalism—here are some ideas on how to apply this concept of meaningful reduction to your bedroom

Through their 2018 book New Minimalism, professional decluttering and design duo Cary Telander Fortin and Kyle Louise Quilici paved the way for interior designers to help owners reassess their emotional relationship to things and turn their homes into beautiful spaces that are neat but not austere. Moving away from the threadbare aesthetics and neutral palette of minimalism, this philosophy isn’t so much about streamlining as it is about making room for the things that really matter.

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“New minimalism is more of a concept than a design style,” says Terence Neo, design director at Eightytwo. “It’s not just about keeping clutter to a minimum; it’s also about incorporating useful, sustainable and meaningful objects into your home.” When applying this concept to your bedroom, Neo suggests choosing furniture that’s durable and functional, integrating built-in cabinetry, and bringing in as much natural light as possible.

Here, we share expert advice on how to incorporate this philosophy into your interior scheme.

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Versatility Is Key

According to William Chan, founder of Spacedge Designs, this design philosophy is less rigid and muted than minimalism in the more traditional sense. “New minimalism allows for a more personalised approach to design, where the owner can make selections based on their unique lifestyles,” says Chan. “Utility should be a priority, because the new-minimalist bedroom is all about having fewer items in a space, but having these items work harder, do more, and meet the owner’s specific needs and desires.”

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Top picks include Crescent Moon, a solid wood stool handcrafted by Kumamoto-based woodworking artist Takahiro Hirana of Life Wood Works. Inspired by the shape of the crescent moon, each stool bears the unique rings of the log it was carved out of. The stool’s organic form makes it appear almost like a sculpture, and the piece is so versatile that it can double-up as a bedside table.

Available at The Artling

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Keep It Neat

Dennis Cheok, creative director of Upstairs_, sees new minimalism as a natural by-product of our aspirations towards a less encumbered way of living. “It’s less about raw spatial volumes and white space per se, but more about designing in a way that creates meaningful and emotive spaces with ‘just enough’,” he says.

His advice is to use good storage solutions to keep the bedroom tidy, while weaving in rich textures and carefully chosen colours. “The new minimalist bedroom should ultimately respond to its owner’s personality. It should be a direct extension of their lifestyle, so the finishing touches and details—artwork, artefacts, or a favourite piece of furniture perhaps—will play a key role in the execution of the concept.”

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Go For Curves

Curved pieces add a cosy touch to your space. Exuding simplicity and elegance, the Corolle Bed from Italian brand Bolzan Letti has an ergonomic, curved form that is pleasing to the eye and as comfortable to recline on. Its headboard combines upholstery and geometric detailing to give this bed its unique look. The frame is made of fir wood and the cover for the frame can be completely removed if you want to update the fabric.

Available from P5 Studio

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Store It Well

Minimalist pieces such as this bookcase can showcase your favourite books and objects, and act as a spatial divider within your room, too. Inspired by the doors of traditional Chinese and Japanese temples, the Ran Library bookcase is the work of iconic Italian designer Carlo Forcolini and was first produced in 1982. It introduces a strong geometic form that creates the appearance of floating shelves. Manufactured by Stellar Works, the Ran Library works well with neutral palettes as well in colourful schemes.

Available from P5 Studio

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Include Vases That Are Works Of Art

New minimalism isn’t ascetic or somber, but a celebration of life through the things that warm the spirit. Opt to decorate your home with minimalist pieces such as the Droplet Honey Vase by Istanbul-based design studio KitBox Design. It's beautiful to behold, whether it's used as a flower vase or admired on its own as a sculptural object. Inspired by ancient amphora vases, this vessel consists of an orange-tinted, hand-blown droplet-shaped vessel set within a hammered brass frame.

Available at The Artling

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Take A Seat

Do include plush armchairs in your bedroom; great for snuggling up with a new read or to watch a new web series. Designed by Sergio Bicego for Saba Italia, the New York armchair features two-toned cushions loosely inspired by the distinct character of the uptown and downtown neighbourhoods in the Big Apple. The chair’s skeleton comprises a perforated metal sheet seat set on a strong 12mm iron frame, and the cushions can be upholstered in fabric or leather in a variety of shades.

Available from P5 Studio

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Let it Grow

Incorporate greenery into your bedroom with this whimsical terrarium. Scandinavian furniture producers Design House Stockholm worked with Thai designers Worapong Manupipatpong and Ada Chirakranon of Atelier 2+ to create Greenhouse in natural ash wood. The house-like shape of this terrarium adds a whimsical touch and is a unique way to bring plants indoors.

Available at Xtra

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Add Colourful Accents

Liven up your minimalist room with patterns on your curtains and accent cushions. The Ballade fabric from Etamine’s Promenade des Anglais—Voyage à Tunis collection is among our top picks; it captures the sight of pedestrians ambling along the street. Other highlights include the Petite Terrasse, which features a colourful houndstooth pattern.

Available at Cetec

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